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Legalization Service Centre Canada is an experienced and professional company that offers fast and secure document Apostille, Document Authentication and Document Legalization services in Canada.

Based in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, we are closely located to the Global Affairs Canada Authentication Office and foreign Embassies that allows us to authenticate and legalize the documents in no time. We are committed to provide the customer service to the highest standards that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.


As a Canadian Agency established to facilitate the document Authentication and Legalization process in Canada our main goal is to make sure that the documents are properly authenticated and legalized in order to be legally used outside of Canada.

We authenticate and legalize degrees, transcripts, birth or marriage certificates, criminal record check certificates, fingerprints, powers of attorney, commercial documents or any other documents originated from any province of Canada.


  • We save your time and money by providing authentication and legalization service from A to Z.
  • We have long-standing experience in document services
  • We offer quality and reliable document services
  • We offer custom approach and attention to details
  • We update you at each stage of the process
  • We have authenticated and legalized over 1,000 documents



Canadian Documents: UAE Attestation

If you’re seeking post-secondary education and/or are looking for opportunities for employment, chances are you already heard of United Arab Emirates! This country offers one of the highest quality education in the Middle East, and is currently a hotspot for anyone wishing to join their diverse workforce. As international interest grows, the UAE becomes more strict about who they accept into their country and who they don’t. Before your documents are considered valid in UAE, they must first go through authentication and legalization or document attestation. 


What is “apostille”? And why must you do both authentication and legalization of your documents? This all due to the Hague agreement or Apostille Convention, which Canada hasn’t signed. Canadian documents need to go through two levels of authentication and legalization. This means that in order for your documents to be valid and usable in UAE, they need to be authenticated by the Canadian government first (provincial and/or federal level), and then legalized at the consular section of the embassy of UAE in Ottawa.


If you’re planning on studying in one of the prestigious universities in UAE, you will have to validate your Canadian university degree. Whether your degree is from the University of Toronto, McGill University or Queen’s University, such fine school’s transcripts and degrees can become targets of forgery. As such, the embassy is very meticulous with legalization. You must make sure that no discrepancies between the documents you or your university submit.

The good news are that provincial and federal level government bodies usually recognize the signatures on the degrees. The degrees are then automatically ready for any related government body to authenticate them and for the UAE Embassy to legalize them. Sometimes, certain degrees will require extra steps. In those cases, your university will need to provide some additional documents, such as transcripts or your academic files. This can be hard to keep track of when going through the process yourself, so we are here to help!


When joining the United Arab Emirates workforce, there’s a difference between non-corporate documents and corporate documents. Non-corporate documents include “vital statistics”. They’re simply your birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and death certificates. You will need the aforementioned if you’re planning to bring your family or spouse with you or if you need to declare single status. They will need to go through the process of authentication and legalization, too. However, there’s no need for notarization, as both provincial and federal level government bodies recognize provincially issued vital statistics signatures.



In addition to submitting your vital statistics, you might have to include a criminal record check. Our experts at LSC Canada recommend obtaining an RCMP police check instead of a local police issued one. An RCMP police check is always more thorough, as it’s based on fingerprints. It’s also globally recognized, including Global Affairs Canada and ODS, meaning that you don’t need to spend extra money on hiring a notary to notarize your local police check. This also saves you time, as the GAC may take up to several months to process your documents. Always double check to see if you have all the required documents!

Don’t forget to notarize any existing doctors notes or letters regarding prescription medication. A notary public completed notarization. Only after you complete this step can you move onto authentication and legalization.



The United Arab Emirates are an attractive venue for new or existing corporate businesses. Whether you’re partnering with a business in UAE or expanding your chain, this lush country offers much reward. The documents you need to get authenticated and legalized depend entirely on the requesting party. They may include powers of attorney, certificates of incorporation, various certificates such as SCC, CPP, GMP, ISO, certificates of incorporation, certificates of origins, commercial invoices, tax residency letters, permits, etc. In addition to the two-step authentication and legalization process, a lawyer or a notary public must validate your documents. Notarization is often a prerequisite for apostille. If you’re unsure about any of these steps, don’t hesitate to contact us and an agent will be with you shortly!



It can be difficult to keep track of all the demands of the UAE Embassy as a client! We understand more than anyone, especially if this is your first time having to authenticate and legalize your documents. Our experts at Legalization Service Centre Canada have more than 10 years of experience with document authentication and legalization. We’re always working tirelessly to ensure the easiest process for you! Our client’s 5 star reviews will assure you of our quality, reliable and fast service, and our solid interpersonal relations with each embassies and consulates in Ottawa and Canada will provide you further confidence.





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Special Power of Attorney: Philippines Legalization

If you have a business in the Philippines, it’s important to ensure that it is always protected, even when you are traveling or unable to make decisions in person. A Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is a document that enables an appointed person to make decisions on your behalf. You may have heard of the term “Power of Attorney”, and it’s the same concept in many countries. An SPA can also help individuals with their personal affairs; you can use it for more than commercial purposes.

Many people will move overseas, but still try to purchase homes or land in the Philippines. Instead of traveling all the way to sign the documents, your SPA can do this on your behalf, at your request. You can also use it to help file taxes, take out loans, enter contracts, even request birth and death certificates. Before you’re able to use an SPA in the Philippines, make sure you put it through the process called legalization!

Who can be an SPA?

There are very few limitations when it comes to deciding who your SPA is going to be. It simply has to be someone who is of legal age. It is almost certainly going to be someone that you know and trust, to ensure they enact your wishes as intended. It can be a family member or friend, or a lawyer.

What makes a Special Power of Attorney legitimate?

In order for an SPA to be eligible, you must notarize it by a notary public. Legalization Service Centre is able to validate this document! Sometimes you also need to translate your Special Power of Attorney (into languages other than English or French), and in that case, the translation also needs to be certified. Don’t worry if you need an SPA signed for the Philippines while not living there! You can sign abroad and it will still hold the same power.

We strongly recommend that you create an SPA with the support of an experienced lawyer. Understandably, you may encounter potential risks by signing over your decision-making power to another person. Thus, you want to make sure you have protection in this event, should it ever pass. We also recommend working with your representative to make sure they have protection too. As well as making sure you’re not inadvertently putting them in a risky position.

Getting a Special Power of Attorney for the Philippines

The process for obtaining a Special Power of Attorney is very simple and easy to follow. First, you need to find an SPA template that works for you and your circumstances. There are a number of free options online, and it is strongly recommended that you take one of the options found on the website for the Embassy of the Philippines, Ottawa, Canada. If you need something specific, you may want to draft this with a lawyer to ensure it protects all parties as intended.

Then you need to print your SPA document out, and make sure that you have multiple copies (at least 4). This ensures that all parties have a signed copy of the SPA, and are aware of what it entails. All parties involved must sign these documents in front of a lawyer.

Before Legalization of the SPA 

Now you need to notarize these documents!. This can be done easily through the Legalization Service Centre Canada. All you need is a copy of all of the documents. You can send your documents via post or courier for your convenience – no need to come in person. Once we have processed all the relevant documents, we will move onto the next step of the process.

You should always keep a copy of your SPA to refer to, and you should hand another to your representative. They now have the power to act on your behalf, within the limitations set out in the SPA. The process is simple and easy, designed for efficiency and ease. You do not have to travel, and wait times are short when using proper channels such as the Legalization Service Centre. This is great for those who are living outside of Ottawa.

The Authentication and Legalization of a Special Power of Attorney 

Before you can use your Special Power of Attorney in the Philippines, it’s necessary for you to authenticate and legalize it too. Otherwise, your POA will not be valid in the Philippines. While you may complete these processes on your own, this approach can prove to be time and money-consuming. For one thing, authentication happens at Global Affairs Canada, whose office is located in Ottawa. It can take up to several months for GAC to review and authenticate your document! Since we’re an established service provider and have been in practice for many years, our internal knowledge allows for more timeline options. Moreover, we skillfully review all the documents we submit to omit errors and omissions which could otherwise make your process longer and more expensive.

At Legalization Service Centre, our agents also keep track of changes and requirement updates at individual embassies. This means that we always have the most current and accurate information regarding the Philippine embassy’s legalization process for POAs (and SPOAs).

Limitations of an SPA

An SPA does not give someone total power and control over your affairs. In fact, it’s limited to exactly what is defined in the SPA. This ensures your representative does not go above and beyond what you have requested, and it allows you to maintain overall control of your circumstances. Because there is risk involved with giving someone power of attorney, it’s important to ensure that you have a lawyer to check over the document before it is signed. This will prevent any unwanted situations from occurring.

If you are creating an SPA for the purpose of dealing with property, it’s important to remember that your representative is limited in what they can do. If your SPA is for selling property, your representative cannot get a mortgage for your property. Conversely if the SPA is for mortgaging, your representative cannot sell on your behalf.

Special Power of Attorneys are not permanent

It’s important to remember that an SPA is only valid for one year after signing. As they are intended for creation for a specific task, you will need to get a new one if you require ongoing representation back home.

Need help getting a Special Power of Attorney for the Philippines?

Although the process of getting a Special Power of Attorney for the Philippines is not hard, it can be daunting for people who have never had one before. If you get it wrong, the consequences can be time consuming as you have to go through the process again.

If you are unsure of what you need, we recommend getting in touch with our friendly team for support. You can contact us for a free consultation – simply fill in the box on the right-hand side of the page with as much information as you have. Someone will review your request, and get in touch with the information that you need.


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What are the Different Types of Legal Documents?

In today’s modern society, you need a lot of paperwork to run your life smoothly, whether you’re buying a house or starting a new company. With the law becoming more complex over time, many businesses require various legal forms to operate legally — including contracts, leases, deeds, wills, power of attorney, partnership agreements, and trust agreements. Each type of document serves a specific purpose and is a different realm altogether.

For instance, contracts serve multiple purposes and are often used to formalize transactions such as buying or selling property, hiring employees, or leasing office space. Depending on the specific situation, contracts can range from simple agreements to complex ones. Additionally, you may have to legalize or attest certain documents for their authenticity. For that, it’s always best to head to professionals.

Meaning of Legal Document

A legal document is an adequately documented statement or arrangement between two or more partakers. It can include contracts, deeds, agreements, wills, bills of sale, leases, licenses, mortgages, and other documents. Many businesses rely on these documents to conduct their daily operations. A legal document contains information about rights, obligations, and responsibilities. In simple terms, it helps define who owns what, where things should go, and what happens if something goes wrong.

Next is a list of a few legal documents and their subtypes to help you discover and understand the complex world of legal documents;

Is a Bill of Lading a Legal Document?

Have you ever wondered why freight forwarders often ask for proof of delivery even though they already have copies?

A bill of lading is a contract between the shipper and the receiver. The shipper is responsible for the cargo delivery, and the receiver is responsible for receiving and paying for the shipment. Issued after the transportation service has taken place, Bills of lading are generally used to ensure the secure delivery of goods to their new owner.

They include provisions such as the name of the shipping carrier, date and time of delivery, the amount paid, and other details required by customs regulations. Since it is a document showing the handing over of commodities from the seller to the purchaser, a Bill of lading can be sent electronically via email, fax, or scanned. This enables both parties to get the same information regarding the shipment on time.

Is a Bill of Sale a Legal Document?

Yes, a bill of sale is a written agreement — thus a legal document — between two parties and serves as evidence of property ownership. A bill of sale (or deed) is a contract between two parties in which the seller gives the buyer the property’s possession or title to the property, and then the purchaser agrees to pay the seller a certain amount.

The bill of sale usually includes details like the sort of possessions being assigned, the purchaser’s title and address, and the date of acquisition. A bill of sale must be signed by the parties to transfer ownership.

There are several other types of contracts, such as Contract of Sale, Purchase and Sale Agreement, and even some forms of lease agreements that fall in the same category and serve the same purpose: to provide the transfer of ownership from one party to the next legally.

Is the Code of Ethics a Legal Document?

Types of Legal Documents

Codes of Ethics are part of organizations’ or businesses’ policies that guide employees’ behaviour and provide rules for conduct. They also deal with ethical issues like conflict, marginalization, and sexual misconduct.

Or in other words, the Code of Ethics is nothing more than a document that sets out guidelines on how a particular organization wants its employees to behave. The Code of Ethics has three parts: the preamble, the purpose statement, and the obligations section. They cover a wide range of topics such as honesty, loyalty, confidentiality, respect for colleagues and customers, fairness, etc.

Employees who violate company policy or break the law might face serious consequences — possibly even termination. These penalties would also apply to employees who violate their code of conduct while travelling for business.

While a written code of conduct is generally considered an ethical guideline, some states consider it a legal requirement. Employees may be required to sign statements agreeing to abide by the code of conduct. In addition, they may be subjected to disciplinary action if they break specific rules.

Is a Deed of Gift a Legal Document?

A deed of gift is the method through which a person legally transfers land from themselves to another person. The person who receives the deed does not give the original owner something in return (for example, monetary compensation) since it’s a gift. This transaction is standard and legal in some countries, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. But how does it work?

Some states require you to complete a written agreement or contract before starting the process. The document can include details such as who gets the property, how long the property will stay in their name, and whether or not they’ll share ownership of the house.

End-of-Life Legal Documents

Types of Legal Documents

An End-of-Life (EOL) document is a legal document that comes to the rescue in the event of death or incapacity to provide instructions regarding asset disposition or medical representation. These documents are intended to ensure that the deceased’s wishes are carried out and that their estate is distributed per their will as well as the law of the land. Here are a few examples.

  • Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament (LW&T) specifies who should receive what after the testator’s death (the person writing the copy). An LW&T may name beneficiaries to inherit property at the time of death, or it may leave everything to charity. A valid will is necessary to guarantee that your funds are distributed as you intend.

  • Financial Power of Attorney

A Financial Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that authorizes someone to act on behalf of another person who lacks the capacity to manage their financial affairs. The POA delegated authority over the principal’s finances to the agent. It is important to note that the POA does not give the agent authority over the principal’s health care. Only the agent has the power to make medical decisions on behalf of the principal. Financial POAs provide you with peace of mind by giving you control over your assets and removing the risk of identity theft. They also relieve you of the burden of dealing with complicated legal issues and paperwork.

  • Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney is parallel to a financial power of attorney, but it is intended for people who need assistance managing their healthcare decisions. Like a financial power of attorney, an MPA is not a substitute for a will. Instead, it protects you and makes life easier for your loved ones by making all medical decisions following your wishes.

  • Living Trust

Living trusts are trusts in which the beneficiary is alive at the time the trust is established. They are intended to reduce estate taxes, provide probate protection, and allow assets to pass directly from the creator to the beneficiaries without the need for court intervention. This allows for efficient and smooth property transfer.

Wrapping It Up

Aside from the documents mentioned above, many others are legally binding and thus fall under the umbrella term of legal documents. These include — but are not limited to — contracts, deeds, leases, licenses, and other vital forms of ownership. These documents play an essential role in our daily lives, assisting us in establishing relationships and dealing with property ownership issues. Multiple parties frequently sign these documents, which help define their relationships, grant rights, and summarise legally binding obligations.

Medical Professionals Abroad | Legalization of Documents

Medical Professionals Abroad: Attestation of Documents

Canadian medical professionals are regarded very highly around the world. This is because medical training, licensing standards and practice in Canada are amongst the most challenging in the world. As such, foreign countries and organizations seek out Canadian medical professionals for work. Doctors Without Borders, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization are just some of the examples!  Before you can extend a gold standard service outside of your own country, there are several things to do. That is, documentation caveats, such as authentication and legalization of your medical documents.

What Do Medical Professionals Have To Do?

You must authenticate and legalize your professional medical doctor or nurse license. Countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East ask for validated licenses from medical professionals before allowing them to practice in their countries. For that, you need to obtain a true copy of your license and certificates of training. Then, a notary public in Canada needs to notarize and attest your license. Your next stop is Global Affairs Canada.

The Authentication Process of Medical Documents

The Canadian government has two layers: provincial and federal. You will need to submit your documents for authentication by them. They will ensure that the signatures and practices numbers on the license are authentic and match the ones within its registry. Some documents only need provincial level authentication, but some don’t. As each document has its own requirements, we recommend reaching out to us at LSC Canada, so we may provide you with the most up to date information!

The Legalization Process of Medical Documents

You need to submit your license/certificate to the embassy of the country you’re going to practice in Ottawa. The embassy will review your document and the Canadian government stamp placed on it. Once they are satisfied that the stamp is authentic and the license meets their standards, they too will affix their stamp or a certificate to your document to verify that it has been legalized.

How We Can Help You

While document authentication and legalization are not difficult to complete, they can be time consuming. And costly if not done correctly, especially if you choose to do it yourself! This is because individuals usually lack the network within the government bodies and local Ottawa embassies that authentication and legalization professionals such as Legalization Service Centre (LSC) possess. This network allows these organizations to bypass long wait times. Moreover, because LSC’s office is located in Ottawa where most embassies are located, it allows us to be able to oversee your document while it is being processed, meaning that any cause for delay can be rectified immediately.

LSC has earned an A+ status with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and boasts a 5 star review on Google. We take pride in the level of customer service provided to customers over many years of operation. We understand that processing documents can be tedious, especially if you are not familiar or don’t have experience working with government bodies and embassies. Moreover, these tasks can be particularly stressful when conducted from a distance, such as from a different city or province. Trust us with your document authentication and legalization needs, and we will ensure a positive experience for you too!

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Israel Power of Attorney

Signing a Power of Attorney for Israel

I’m sure we all have realized something lately: travelling outside of Canada is hard! Especially if you have business in Israel – be it professionally or personally. For example, those with businesses or legal/financial matters found it difficult to carry on their duties from afar. But what do you do for matters that cannot wait for your presence there? One optimal solution may be to sign an Israel Power of Attorney!

A Power of Attorney (POA) during these difficult times can be a game changer. Through a POA, you can assign a trusted adult over the age of 18 to carry on legal matters on your behalf. Acting on your best interest, this “attorney” would be able to make decisions on your behalf, sign legal documents, and perform other tasks as you prescribe. But that’s just a starting point. What exactly do you do for an Israel Power of Attorney to be considered valid?

Drafting the Israel Power of Attorney

Since this is a legally binding document offering significant control to another person on your personal matters or property, it’s important to draft this document carefully. You may wish to consult a legal professional and have them draft out your POA. Alternatively, there are pre-made forms that you can fill out for the type of POA of relevance to you. These forms are readily available on different websites and platforms online.

Notarizing it and Witnessed Signing 

Because of the sensitive nature of an Israel Power of Attorney, it is important that other people are witness to you granting power to your attorney. For this reason, you will need to sign your document (also known as “swearing it”) in the presence of two witnesses and a notary public. Usually this step would happen in a notary public’s office, however, due to the pandemic, many of these institutions are providing this service via video conference calls online. Check your province for available services that will allow you to do this. Otherwise, see if you can safely visit a local legal advisory or notary public to complete the witnessed signing.

Keep in mind, your witnesses must not be a spouse, child, or anyone you consider as a child. They must be over the age of 18 and must be capable of understanding the gravity of the document.

Contacting the Legalization Service Centre for POA Authentication and Legalization

Since your Power of Attorney will be used in Israel, it is necessary to have the document authenticated and legalized. Otherwise, your POA will not be valid in Israel. While you may complete these processes on your own, this approach can prove to be time and money-consuming. For one thing, authentication happens at Global Affairs Canada, whose office is located in Ottawa. From the time of submission, it may take up to 20 days for GAC to review and authenticate your document. Alternatively, when we process and submit to them, your documents can be authenticated within one business day. Since we are an established service provider and have been in practice for many years, our networks within GAC allow us to bypass the wait-time. Moreover, forms submitted by us are skillfully reviewed to omit errors and omissions which could otherwise make your process longer and more expensive.

At Legalization Service Centre, our agents also keep track of changes and requirement updates at individual embassies. This means that we always have the most current and accurate information regarding the Israel embassy’s legalization process for POAs.

Sending your Israel Power of Attorney to its Final Destination

Once your document has been properly prepared, authenticated, and legalized, it is now ready to be sent to your chosen attorney so they may act on your behalf! When you choose Legalization Service Centre to complete your document authentication and legalization, we ensure that your final document reaches safely to its destination. All you do is provide the correct address for delivery.

At Legalization Service Centre, we understand the challenges faced by all Canadians during these testing times. We know how frustrating it must be to not be able to be present in Israel for important work. While many of these challenges are beyond our scope, we do hope to help where we can. Call us today with any questions you may have, even if you aren’t quite ready to start the process yet. We are happy to chat and are always at your attestation service!


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Teaching in China | Legalization Service Center

Teaching in China? Legalize Your Documents!

Recently, China has gained an eagerness to teach its people fluency in English, opening up many opportunities for people in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. With this growing demand, the popularity of a teaching job in China has increased significantly. Here in Canada, people choose these jobs for many reasons. Some see it as a way to gain teaching experience after obtaining a teaching degree. Others view it as gainful employment after their college or university education. Still others seek the opportunity simply for the experience of exploring another country while supporting themselves. Regardless of the reasons, a teaching job in China is definitely a lifetime experience and one you are likely excited to embark on!


Before you can begin, there are a few things you need to know about the document and paperwork involved. A teaching job in China involves travelling to and living in a different country. Your need to prepare several documents for your employer, to start on your work visa application. Some documents your employer will likely require include:

  • A Canadian passport, valid for at least 6 months or even the duration of your entire contract
  • A police background check
  • Proof of your Canadian degree such as a Bachelor or Master’s diploma
  • TEFL certification (also known as TESOL certification)


Once you’ve collected and organized all the documents, you will have to have them notarized as true copies. Then, authenticated by the Canadian government and then legalized by Chinese Embassy. In order to notarize true copies of original documents, they must be signed by a notary public in Canada. Some documents that you might want to send copies of include your passport, degree, and TELF certification. It’s easier to send true copies instead of the original for various reasons. It will help you preserve your original as well as prevent damage or potential loss. Since originals may be more difficult to obtain once lost or damaged, the most popular choice is to send copies of these documents.


Authentication is the process used by the Canadian government to validate the signature on your documents as being valid and authentic. Once this is confirmed, they place a large red stamp to identify your documents as having been authenticated by them. Following this, your documents will need to be legalized by the Chinese embassy in Ottawa. The embassy will validate that your stamp is true and that your documents meet all other legalization requirements. Once they have confirmed this, they too will either affix their stamp or a certificate directly to your documents.


While the process of authentication and legalization may appear simple, going through a professional service provider such as Legalization Service Centre can save you time, hassle, and significant due-diligence. The Canadian government can also take weeks, if not months, to authenticate your documents. With our knowledge of inside matters, we can help speed up the process. Moreover, embassies often have changing requirements which make legalization daunting and difficult to keep track of. Because our office is located minutes from most embassies in Ottawa, we are able to keep up-to-date information on embassy requirements and make in-person submissions and tracking of your documents. You can always contact us via our phone number or via WhatsApp, or fill in our online order form! Our experts will guide you through the process and make the paperwork involved in your new adventure as uncomplicated as possible!

Picture source: EF English First: Work Abroad

Preparing for Marriage in Mexico

Preparing for Marriage in Mexico

In Mexico, a civil marriage registered in one state is not recognized in another. As a Canadian wishing to marry in Mexico, this is an important piece of information. Why? Because each state may have their own documentation and legal requirements for processing a marriage, and the last thing you would want is to show up under-prepared. Here’s a quick overview of all the documents you should pack with you, just in case.

Your Important Documents

Asides from your passport and a visa, marriage plans in Mexico mean your document preparation list has a few more items to check off. At the very least, both you and your to-be spouse should bring your birth certificate as an identifying document. We know that while for many places or purposes the short form certificate is sufficient, we always recommend the long form for legal and international purposes. If either of you doesn’t have one on hand, start preparing for it a month before your planned departure from Canada. It can take some time to process and receive these documents once you request for them.

In addition to your other IDs, passports, and birth certificates, divorce certificates should also be accompanied if applicable. If either you or your to-be spouse have divorced from a previous marriage, remember to request a divorce certificate from your province or municipal office. When it comes to marriage, you want to get things done right which means laying down the records right from the beginning.

Should you take originals?

In most instances, we highly recommend you take certified copies of documents instead of the actual, physical version. This is especially true during travel, when important documents can be lost in transit. To avoid this, you can make certified true copies which must then be notarized.

Regardless of whether you bring your actual document or a copy, all legal documents will need to be authenticated and legalized before they can be used in Mexico.

Authentication and Legalization

Authentication can be completed quickly via your local provincial document services office. The processing requires for the documents to be taken into the office where examiners review them for authenticity. Particularly, they are interested in seeing if the signing authorities belong to a professional body who may provide this service. Once the government office is satisfied with the authenticity of your document and the signatures within, they will place a red stamp and certificate to indicate that authentication has been completed.

Following this step, your legal documents will need to travel to the Consulate of Mexico in Toronto or Ottawa for legalization. Here, the Mexican consulate will review your document to ensure its fitness for use in Mexico. They will also review the document services seal for authentication to ensure its validity. If you’ve followed the steps that come before this, legalization is seldom held back. Typically, if anything were amiss with your documents, it would have been noticed earlier along the process. Once the consulate is satisfied, they too will place a certificate or stamp to indicate that your document has been legalized.

At the end of the day, document preparation is key in ensuring that your big day in Mexico goes as planned. At Legalization Service Centre, we process hundreds of records and legal documents for this purpose every day. Give us a call to help you prepare all of yours so that you can be on your way to a lifetime of celebrations.

Single Status Affidavit Legalization for Marriage in Turkey

Single Status Affidavit Legalization for Marriage in Turkey

Globalization may have made international connections easier, but tracking a legal marriage between nations can still be a challenge. Due to accounts of marriage fraud reported over the years, countries take international marriage pursuits very seriously. Turkey is no exception to this and requires its citizens to obtain proof of singlehood from their prospective suitors. What does this mean to you? It means you will need to provide a Single Status Affidavit to the government of Turkey before you can marry.

How do you obtain the affidavit?

At the very least, a Single Status Affidavit contains your name, citizenship, marital status, and the name and citizenship of your future spouse. You may choose to include your address, contact information, and referential contacts in your home/country of residence. If you have been previously married and divorced, you should provide a certificate of divorce as a supporting document. Once drafted, you will need to attest and notarize this affidavit in front of a Canadian notary public. Notarizing is fairly simple and can happen with a quick appointment in person or even online.

Single Status Affidavit Authentication

After notarizing your affidavit to make it an official binding document, the next step is attestation. This is an important step in making sure your document will be valid in Turkey.. Attestation has another name in Canada: authentication and legalization. Even through the two-step process can sound a little daunting, your local legalization professional can make this process as smooth as possible and save you mistakes and time.

In order to authenticate your affidavit, you need to get your provincial or federal document services office to validate it. Here, the office will review the signatures to ensure they belong to a body of professionals authorized to provide these signatures. Depending on how busy the document service office is, authentication can take as little as 15 minutes to a few hours. Since this is a government office, you will have to visit during business hours to complete authentication.

Single Status Affidavit Legalization

Once you receive a red seal from the document services office as proof of authenticity, your affidavit will need to visit the Turkish Consulate General in Toronto or Ottawa for Legalization. Here, the consulate will review the affidavit to ensure it meets criteria for use in Turkey. Along with this, they will also review the stamp made for authentication to ensure its validity. Once they are satisfied, they too will stamp your document or attach a certificate to indicate the completion of legalization.

And there you have it! With your affidavit authenticated and legalized, you can begin your milestone journey to a marriage in Turkey with confidence. The biggest fear and uncertainty in marrying a Canadian citizen removed from the minds of the Turkish government and your soon-to-be spouse.

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It can be difficult to keep track of all the demands of the Mexican Embassy as a client! We understand more than anyone, especially if this is your first time having to authenticate and legalize your documents. Our experts at Legalization Service Centre Canada (LSC Canada) have more than 10 years of experience with document authentication and legalization of Canadian documents, so we’re always working tirelessly to ensure the easiest process for you. Our client’s 5 star reviews will assure you of our quality, reliable and fast service, and our solid interpersonal relations with each embassies and consulates in Ottawa and Canada will provide you further confidence.


Image Credit: Aljazeera/Umut Uras

Customer Reviews

Customer Service is Excellent

“Thank you for your fast and efficient service. I wish I could say the same about the Mexican end. Your customer service is excellent and I appreciate it greatly.”

– Jacqueline Wallace, Calgary, Canada

Fast and Under Controle

“They answered very quickly to my demand and all the questions I had about the process as it was the first time I had to legalized a document. The whole process was very fast and I was keep updated of all the different steps. It took less than a week, from the treatment of my documents to their delivery outside of Canada. Great services!”

– Charlotte

Fast respond, great service!

“Authentication process of my daughters birth certificate, delivering it to the Embassy for legalization, everything was done in a timely manner and with great communication at all stages. Thanks to these guys I got all the paperwork done just in time and did not have to cancel my vacation. Will definitely come back next time and recommend to friends. Thank you!”

– Konstantin – Whitehorse, Canada

Outstanding Service

“I had to get my university diploma attested by UAE embassy. Legalization Service Centre handled the process fast and hassle-free. I received my document back in Dubai save and within a short time. Thank you for the great service. I will definitely use your service again and recommend you to my friends.”

– Mahavir, Dubai, United Arab Emirates