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The Trusted Document Services Office in Canada

The Legalization Service Centre is an experienced and reliable company committed to providing the quality Document Apostille, Document Authentication, and Document Legalization services in Canada.

Based in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, our company is within a close distance to the Global Affairs Canada/Government Services Authentication Office and to the accredited embassies and consulates that enables us to offer high standard Document Apostille, Authentication and Legalization Services in fast and efficient way.

We understand that Document Apostille, Authentication and Legalization is a complex process that requires extraneous time and efforts to complete. For this reason, we offer to our customers an assistance with authentication process at the Canadian Government ServicesAuthentication Office/Global Affairs Canada(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada) with the subsequent legalization of documents at the foreign Embassies and Consulates in Canada. In the United States, via several of our associates, we provide the similar document legalization, certification, and Apostille services with subsequent legalization at US-based foreign Embassies and Consulates.


We strive to help business owners and individuals in their corporate and personal needs

Our staff will make sure that everything we receive is properly handled and legally processed at the Government Services Authentication Office/Global Affairs Canada(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada) and at the respective Embassies, be they personal or corporate documents, as fast and as effectively as possible. Once we processed the documents, they are legal to be used outside of Canada.

We process the following documents that require the Apostille, Authentication or Legalization process:

Adoption dossiers anddocuments,Canada Revenue Agencydocuments,Certificates ofPharmaceutical Product (CPP Certificate),Certificates of Birth, Marriageand Death,Citizenship and Immigration Canada documents,CriminalRecord Checks (police clearance) or fingerprint certificates,Diplomas,Degrees, Transcripts,Divorce Certificates,Industry Canadadocuments, Medical reports,Passport Copies,Power of Attorneys, Company Export documents, Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices, Statement in Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment and many more ….

Weserve all Canadian provinces and cities.Pleaseclick hereto read testimonials left by our customers on Google Reviews page.

about us


We have over 5 years of experience with a former employee of an embassy who has worked specifically on learning how to work out all the kinks of document processing for authentication and legalization.



We are experienced, and take pride in satisfying all clients whom always got all their papers approved and important documents returned safely.



We are efficient, we keep our operating costs low in order to keep our service fees low.



We are therefore knowledgeable of Global Affairs Canada, and know exactly what we need to be given by you, where to go, and how to navigate around the city to get the best possible result.



We will make absolute sure that you will get your money’s worth.

The Easy Way to Authenticate and Legalize Your Documents in Canada!


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Professionalism At Its Best!!

“Great, same day service, extremely professional in dealing with me, easily accessible for any questions, flexible in making arrangements most convenient for me, extremely fast delivery of documents despite the fact that I am currently overseas, and all that for a very reasonable cost…. THANK YOU!” – S. Majstorovic

Logistic Manager

“Professional And Cooperative Our company worked with Legalization Centre Office for legalization affairs with different foreign Embassies few times and each time we experienced a prompt service and great cooperation when required. We are fully satisfied with their service and we will continue working with them for our future projects.” – Elaheh Sadeghi

Seamless Legalization Process!

“I have used LSC’s service twice to get documents legalized by foreign embassies. Timely communication and great customer service! They even helped to expedite the legalization process at the embassy! Will be using their service again very soon…highly recommended.” – Sherri

Fast Respond, Great Service!

“Authentication process of my daughters birth certificate, delivering it to the Embassy for legalization, everything was done in a timely manner and with great communication at all stages. Thanks to these guys I got all the paperwork done just in time and did not have to cancel my vacation…Thank you!” – Konstantin – Whitehorse, Canada