Apostille of The Canadian Birth Certificate for Use in Mexico

Jul 9, 2018

Canada and Mexico are two closely related countries not only by land mass but also in the citizens that travel back and forth between the two nations. If you’re thinking about traveling to Mexico soon, it’s best to make sure that all of your necessary documents are legalized and authenticated before you get there!

Today we’ll talk about Canadian birth certificates and all of the steps you must complete before traveling to Mexico. From apostille to legalization and authentication, save yourself time and frustration by checking off all of these boxes before you leave.

Can you Apostille Canadian Documents?

Mexico is a signee of The Hague Apostille convention, but Canada did not sign up. For this reason, to use your Canadian documents in Mexico, you must first have them legalized and authenticated. This process takes a few more steps than traditional apostille, but we can help make the process simpler for you.

The Correct Birth Certificate

Not all Canadian Birth Certificates are the same, and the type you have will affect the authentication process. Canadian Birth Certificates come in different sizes and types. Currently, Global Affairs Canada can authenticate registration of live birth, polymer paper Birth Certificates, and other certificates from the provincial vital statistics departments. They won’t be able to authenticate smaller, wallet-size Birth Certificates.

To overcome this, you must order a full-sized Birth Certificated from the provincial government vital statistics departments. From there you will need to have the document authenticated before you can move forward with the legalization step. You can have your Canadian Birth Certificate authenticated at Global Affairs Canada, or you can go through us, and we’ll help save you from any delays.

Attestation at the Embassy in Ottawa

Your second step is to have your Birth Certificate legalized at the Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa. If you choose us as your legalization help, we will work directly with their staff to make sure that you have all of the necessary documents and that the legalization process happens without any issue. Once we have finished our job, your Canadian Birth Certificate is now ready to use in Mexico. Having the document authenticated and legalized is equally recognized as an Apostille certificate.

How We Can Help

Legalizing and authenticating Canadian Birth Certificates can be a long and confusing process. If you need to go on your trip soon and have procrastinated, we can help save you time, so you won’t need to delay your travel plans. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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