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Birth Certificate Authentication in

Canadian documents to be used outside of Canada are required to be authenticated and legalized or apostilled. Birth Certificate Authentication, as well as Marriage, Death, Divorce or Change of Name Certificates Authentication, is performed by the Canadian government authority such as Global Affairs Canada authentication sector. The purpose for the birth certificate authentication process is to make sure that the document is genuine and was legally obtained in Canada.

The same authentication process is required for the photocopies of the original documents. In this case, the photocopies need to be notarized by a Canadian notary public as certified true copies and then authenticated and legalized accordingly.

The Legalization Service Centre facilitates the Birth Certificate Authentication and Birth Certificate Apostille in Canada process. Since Canada is not a signatory of the Apostille Convention we make sure that the documents are properly handled, authenticated and legalized in Canada according to international laws and regulations.

Birth Certificate Authentication

Birth Certificate Legalization
at the Embassy/Consulate in

Birth Certificate Authentication at the Canadian Government Office

Normally, two steps required to authenticate and legalize Canadian birth certificates:

Legalization Service Centre Canada handles all steps in the process as we developed extensive experience in the field of document authentication and document Apostille in Canada process.

The first step might take some time to be accomplished but due to our knowledge and proven algorithms of certain actions, we can substantially reduce the processing times.

Birth Certificate Legalization

Birth Certificate Legalization

The processing time for the second step is determined by each Embassy individually. At some embassies the document legalization process may take up to 7 to 10 days, while some embassies and consulates offer the legalization of documents while you wait. Please contact us to find out how long this process will take in your particular situation.

We have authenticated and legalized more than one thousand Canadian birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, change of name certificates by Global Affairs Canada and foreign embassies and consulates not only in Canada but also in the USA. We are proud to name ourselves the best Authentication and Legalization Service experts in Canada.
In some countries this process is called Birth Certificate Apostille. In general, Apostille is required by the countries that are members of the Apostille Convention. Since Canada is not a member of the said Convention, the documents should be authenticated and legalized instead.

Birth Certificate Types in Canada

Birth Certificate Types in Canada

We Can Help

If you want to avoid the inevitable hiccups during the birth certificate authentication and Birth Certificate Apostille in Canada process, please do contact us and we will be able to save your time and money as we know all aspects of the authentication and legalization of the Canadian birth certificates.

All you need to do is to send the original document or an official certified copy to our office in Ottawa and we will do the rest.

If you are currently outside of Canada or you do not have an extra copy for a document authentication process, you can contact online the Vital Statistics Office of your province and request them to issue you an official copy of your birth certificate and have them sent it directly to our office in Ottawa.

This arrangement will help you to save time and reduce shipment expenses. Make sure that you indicate our mailing address during the application process. Please click here for the list of Canadian government departments that issue the Birth Certificates.

Our Help with Birth Certificate Authentication Process
Step by Step Guide for Birth Certificate Authentication

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Birth Certificate Legalization


Prepare the documents for authentication process. If you are not sure about where to start with, Please contact our office and our experts will help you with preparation of your documents


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