Birth Certificate Legalization for Brazil

Oct 21, 2021

Did you know that Brazil is considered one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world? That shouldn’t come as a surprise, actually. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people immigrate there. My guess is that its beautiful landscape, culture, and climate work magic together to attract people from around the world! But, official processes, including immigration, can require a great deal of paperwork. Of these, birth certificates are often the most requested document you will need to provide. If you started the immigration process and need this document, keep reading! We’ll cover all of the basics for what you need to know to prepare a birth certificate for Brazil.

Choose the Long Form Birth Certificate

If you haven’t yet requested an official birth certificate, then make a note to apply for the long form. This one generally contains more information, such as details about each parent, along with place of birth. Official work often calls for long forms of original documents, and it isn’t any different for birth certificates. Starting with the right document is essential to completing the official process efficiently.

Notarize and Translate 

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. You are requires to translate and notarize a lot of official documents before you can submit them for legalization. Find an official translator and have your documents translated. Only originals and true copies are accepted by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), provincial Document Services, and consulates. Thus, it is a good idea to certify and notarize a copy of an original before submitting.

Authentication of the Birth Certificate for Brazil at GAC 

Finished with the translation and notarization? Next, you need to authenticate your birth certificate by Global Affairs or it may be possible to do so provincially. However, each consulate and each embassy have different, sometimes even contradicotry, requirements. Please make sure you contact us to help you through this step!

It is best practice to have GAC authenticate a document whenever possible. However, GAC has a lengthy processing time and their office is located in Ottawa, whereas provincial offices often offer same-day service and are more easily accessible. You should check with the Brazilian consulate before proceeding to authenticate through a provincial office.

Legalization of the Birth Certificate for Brazil at the Consulate General of Brazil

The final step to having your documents attested is legalization through the Consulate General of Brazil.

GAC or Document Services office will place a stamp on your birth certificate for Brazil once they have authenticated it. Now, it is ready for further submission. The consulate will conduct their own review of your document. They will also place a seal or certificate on the finished document to show that they have legalized it. Your document is now ready for official work in Brazil!

Choose an authentication service provider

You may have read online that authentication services can help you process your documents to meet appropriate attestation requirements. Why should you choose a professional to do the work for you, though? The process is time consuming and tedious. In the midst of preparing other aspects of your official work, authentication and legalization can often feel like a hurdle in the path. Not to mention, obtaining certified copies, translating, and notarizing only add to the length of processing time.

When you go through a service like Legalization Service Centre, all of that extra work is handled on your behalf. You won’t need to take time off of work for official work, travel anywhere for GAC or the consulate, or spend any additional money on courier fees. All you have to do is provide us with the original or a true copy of your document! After we complete attesting your documents, we will send them directly to their final destination! For these reasons and many more, we recommend having a professional handle your authentication needs.

Now you know everything there is to know to about birth certificates and authentication. We know how tedious the work seems right now, but can bet that the thought of beautiful Brazil is going to keep you going! Don’t forget to send a postcard once you get there.


Image Credit: Globalgrasshopper

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