Chinese Embassy Authentication

Chinese Embassy Authentication Services in Canada

Why Chinese Embassy Authentication is Required?

Nowadays many Canadians travel to China for work in different industries. In most cases, they are required to present to Chinese authorities the authenticated Canadian documents such as the highest degree and a criminal record check certificate in order to apply for a Z work visa. Beside this, the following documents can also be requested to be authenticated: birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates, teaching certificates, fingerprints, powers of attorney and others.

The Chinese Embassy authentication sector’s responsibility is to verify that the Canadian documents intended to be used in China have been legally obtained and are genuine. The Chinese Embassy authentication sector which is located in Ottawa certifies the Canadian documents by placing a special authentication certificate and a seal on the document. Once this process has been finished, the document can now be legally used in China.

Before the Canadian documents can be submitted for Chinese Embassy authentication service in Ottawa, they must undergo the authentication process by the Canadian government services. In Canada, the Global Affairs Canada’s authentication sector is responsible for this process. So, the first step would be to authenticate documents by the federal government-Global Affairs Canada, and the second step would be to authenticate documents by the Chinese embassy authentication sector in Ottawa.

In general, the original documents as well as their notarized copies can be authenticated for official use in China. The notarized copy means that the photocopy of the original document has been notarized by the Canadian notary as a certified true copy. The certified true copies must also undergo the authentication process.

How We Can Assist You

Since the Chinese Embassy authentication sector does not accept documents via mail services, you will have to visit the embassy in Ottawa in person in order to submit the documents for authentication service. Another option would be to appoint the Legalization service Centre in Ottawa to do this work for you. This option is the most convenient if you do not live in Ottawa or if you are currently located in China.

Our company has authenticated hundreds of Canadian documents for use in China and we have a solid experience in document authentication services in Canada including the Chinese Embassy authentication services. So, once we completed the authentication process, you will receive back the fully authenticated documents that are legal and acceptable by the Chinese authorities to issue a Z work visa.

Usually, the processing time is about 1.5 weeks, but we also offer express and rush services, so your documents could be authenticated much faster.

Certified Translation services

Translation Services in Canada

What Certified Translation Services We Offer?

We offer the certified translation services in Canada. The certified translation means that the translation of the document was prepared by the highly skilled certified translator who is a member of the Provincial Translators Association. All translated documents also get notarized by the Canadian notary public. The notarization of the translations ensures that the translation was prepared by the skilled professional translator who is recognized by the government in Canada.

We offer translation services for any kind of documents, including but not limited to: Birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates, education documents, criminal record checks (police clearance) or fingerprint certificates, documents originating in a foreign country, documents originating in Canada in a foreign language, notarized powers of attorney, corporate documents and many more.

We provide the translation services from any language to English or French and from English or French to any language. Also we offer translation from one foreign language to another. Our translation fee starts at $35CAD per page, but depends on the number of words and pages in the document. Please email us the scans of your documents to receive an exact quote. You can email your inquiry to:

How it works:

  • Step 1: Email us the scanned copy of the documents to be translated in a good quality.
  • Step 2: Receive the translation quote.
  • Step 3: Pay the translation fee. A payment can be made by several means: Credit Cards, PayPal, Interact Transfer, Money Order.
  • Step 4: Once the payment is received, we will start the translation process.
  • Step 5: Once the translation is ready, we will ship the certified and notarized translation to you by an express courier.
Authenticate Documents

Authentication of Documents in Canada

What is the Authentication of Documents?

The authentication of documents in Canada is the process that certifies the legitimacy of the signature and seal on the document. Usually, the authentication of documents is required when the documents are intended to be used in foreign countries. For example, you have a property in Mexico and you need to sell it out but you do not want to travel down to Mexico in person. In this case, you would go to a notary or a lawyer office where you would draft a power of attorney to empower someone to act on your behalf. You would sign this document in front of a notary or a lawyer who will certify your signature. Once the notary or a lawyer signed the document, his signature needs to be authenticated by the Canadian Government – Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector (GAC). After it is done there, the next step would be to finalize the authentication of documents process by the relevant Embassy or Consulate in Canada.

Or, if you are going to work or study or live permanently in foreign countries like China, you will be required to present your authenticated Canadian documents in order to apply for work, study or residency visas. In this case, your documents will still be required to get processed by the GAC and relevant Embassy or Consulate in Canada.

Authentication of Documents by the Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector

The Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector is located in Ottawa, Ontario. The following documents can be authenticated by them:

Please note that not every document can be authenticated by the GAC. Every document is unique and requires a specific attention. We urge you to contact our office to verify if your particular document can be processed. There were occasions when individuals’ documents have been rejected due to not compliance with policies and regulations. Our office is staffed with experienced employees who will gladly offer the assistance in authentication of documents process.

 How We Can Assist You

We have authenticated hundreds of documents from all Canadian provinces for use in foreign jurisdictions. We provide services in authenticating the documents by the GAC and further legalization by the Embassies and Consulates. So we provide one stop service from start to finish. You will only need to mail your documents to our office in Ottawa and we will return you fully processed document(s). If your documents originate from British Colombia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec or any other Canadian provinces, no problem – we can assist you!

We also provide the notary services, translation services and international shipping services. If you need your documents to be shipped abroad after authentication process, we can assist you with this too. We have very competitive international shipping rates.

Superlegalization of Canadian Documents

What is a Superlegalization? Why do you need to do this process?

The superlegalization or simply legalization is the process when the documents get authenticated by each subsequent authority. The main point for this process is to make sure that the documents originated in one country could be legally used in another country. Canadian documents that are intended to be used in, for example, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia or Slovak Republic have to undergo through superlegalization process. The documents need to be authenticated first by the Government authorities and then superlegalized by the appropriate consulates.

There are many documents out there and not all of them can be superlegalized. Usually, most secondary school documents, university degrees, birth and marriage certificates have to undergo this process. Please contact our office and we will confirm if your particular documents can be superlegalized.

How we can assist you?

Our company has more than 5 years of positive experience in superlegalization process. If you need your documents superlegalized, look no further as we offer you a one stop service. We not only offer superlegalization of documents, but we also provide the notary services, pay the necessary fees to the consulates and arrange the shipment to international destinations.

Our office has processed hundreds of documents to date so we know how to handle the documents. Please do not be worried about the safety of your original documents as our main priority is confidentiality and security.

Apostille in Canada

Apostille Service in Canada

Who Does Apostille in Canada?

The Apostille Service is usually offered by a Canadian legal entity that facilitates and assists Canadians and non-Canadians with an Apostille process in Canada. The Legalization Service Centre is the Canadian legal entity that offers reliable Apostille Service in Canada. The Apostille is placed as a stamp or an additional page with certification attached to the Canadian documents so that these documents can be legally used in foreign countries. The Apostille was established in 1961 in Hague, Netherlands in order to abolish the requirements of legalization process for foreign documents.

If you need to get your documents Apostilled in Canada, please contact our office and we will explain you the steps for securely obtaining the Apostille. In Canada, the Apostille service normally requires the following two steps:

  1. Authentication of documents by the Canadian Federal Government Authority – Department of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Authentication or legalization of documents by the Embassy or Consulate in Canada.

We cover both steps so you do not need to worry much about it.

What Documents Require the Apostille Service?

Usually, all Canadian documents require Apostille if they are intended to be used outside of Canada. The documents such as birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates, educational documents, criminal record checks (police clearance) or fingerprint certificates, powers of attorney, deeds, corporate documents and many more.

We have vast experience in document services in Canada so you can be assured that everything we receive from you will be properly and safely handled and processed in accordance with the international laws and regulations. Beside Apostille, we offer notary services, translation services, international shipment services and visa services.

Apostille Stamp

Apostille Stamp on Canadian Documents

The Apostille stamp is a confirmation that the document was legally issued by the Government. The Apostille stamp is placed on the documents when they are required to be used in foreign countries. The Apostille stamp is usually issued by the certain governmental authorities and notaries by attaching the certification page to the original document.

The Apostille stamp or how it is called in Canada – Authentication stamp is issued by the Federal Government Authority located in Ottawa, Ontario. Once the authentication stamp was applied to the document, the document is required to be further finalized by the Embassy or the Consulate before it can be exercised in foreign countries.

How we can assist you?

Our company has an exceptional experience in document Apostille, Authentication and Legalization services in Canada. We have processed hundreds of Canadian documents for use outside Canada.

In order to get an Apostille stamp or authenticate your documents, simply courier them to our office in Ottawa, and upon receiving we will take care of the rest. Please click here to read the Google Reviews posted by our customers.

Please follow this link to read more about Apostille process in Canada:

Apostille Process in Canada

Apostille Process in Canada

Apostille is a confirmation that the signature of the authorized officer on the document is genuine and legal. The Apostille is usually stamped on government issued documents as well as on documents that have been certified by the notaries. Once the Apostille was applied, the document can be now legally and officially used in foreign countries that are signatories of the Apostille Convention.

The following documents are typically required to get apostilled on them if they are intended to be used abroad: Birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates, diplomas, degrees, transcripts, Criminal record background check (police clearance) or fingerprint certificates, notarized corporate documents, powers of attorney, deeds and so on.

How to get a Canadian document Apostilled?

In order to obtain an Apostile on a Canadian document, first of all you will need to make sure that your documents are eligible for this process. In fact, not every document can be Apostilled.

Our office provides Apostile services for Canadian documents. So, please contact us by phone, email, fax and we will be happy to Apostile your Canadian documents so that you can use them in foreign jurisdictions legally. For us it will take less than two business days to Apostile the documents. The only thing you need to do is to courier your document to our office in Ottawa.

Once we receive your documents, we will take care of the rest.

Please click here to read the Google Reviews posted by our customers. Click here to read more about Apostille in Canada.

Qatar Police Clearance Certificate

Qatar Police Clearance Certificate

If you are applying for a Canadian citizenship or a Canadian permanent residency, you may need to provide the Qatar Police Clearance Certificate if you had lived in Qatar for a long period of time.

The fastest way to obtain a Qatar Police Clearance Certificate is to authorize a relative or a friend in Qatar to obtain a Qatar Police Clearance Certificate for you on your behalf. For this, you will need to provide your contact in Qatar with your legalized fingerprints and legalized power of attorney along with other supporting documents (please contact our office for complete list of the required paperwork).

How we can help you?

Our agency is located in Ottawa that gives us an advantage for authenticating and legalizing the documents in timely fashion. Just send the notarized fingerprints form, notarized power of attorney along with the completed LSC Order Form to our office and we will do the rest.

We will get the Power of attorney and fingerprints authenticated and legalized within 3-4 days. Once the documents are completed we can ship them directly to Qatar by DHL, if you require.