Degree Attestation for Spain: Transcripts & Diplomas

May 20, 2021

Spain has a rich culture and landscape, so it is no wonder that thousands of tourists flock there every year. Whether you love the seafood paella, the vibrant atmosphere, or friendly locals, there is plenty to see and do. But it appears that the country has more to offer potential students than these qualities alone. It’s one of the most popular study destinations because of its rich foundations in academia. It’s also one of the most affordable European study destinations. Many masters and graduate level studies cost around 4,000 Euros per academic year. And lots of programs cost as little as 100 or 200 Euros! Now that you’re ready to go, you may be wondering what comes next. Read on to find out about degree attestation for Spain.

What documents do you need for Spanish degree attestation?

It’s common for institutions and application services to request document such as ID, transcripts, degree certificates and references. Furthermore, you may need to supply bank and funding details. This is to ensure that you have the means to enrol and complete the program. As an international student, you must process all the documents correctly. Most will likely originate from Canada, so to ensure they are valid in Spain, you must undertake attestation a.k.a. document authentication and legalization.

How do you conduct degree attestation for Spain?

Authentication is the first step of attestation and is completed by a government body recognized as Global Affairs Canada (GAC). GAC is located in Ottawa and typically requires 20 business days to review your documents for authentication. However, with the help of Legalization Service Centre, your documents can be processed in as little as two business days. We have established a network within GAC and refined a systematic process that allows us to work with this speed. With our experience, you can depend on your degree attestation for Spain being processed without any errors or omissions.

Legalization: The second step of degree attestation for Spain

GAC will place a large red stamp to indicate its approval to signify authentication. Congratulations! Your documents are now ready for step two of the process. This step, known legalization, requires for you to submit your documents to the Spanish Embassy. The embassy will review the newly placed stamp to ensure it’s authentic and true. They will also review your documents so that they meet specific standards and requirements. For degree attestation, they are ensuring your degrees are from a recognized Canadian institutions. They too will place a stamp or certificate to your documents to indicate full legalization.

How can we help? 

Attestation can be a difficult process for several reasons. The physical location of the embassy can make it difficult to access for many. This means that even if you submit your documents, it can be difficult to track them for progress and make any necessary changes. We at LSC Canada can help solve these problems for you! We keep up-to-date information on current legalization requirements, and our office is located near most embassies in Ottawa. This alone can be a relief from contacting multiple agents within the same embassy to track updates.

What do you do after degree attestation for Spain?

If you choose Legalization Service Centre, following attestation, we prepare a package of your documents and have it shipped to your desired final destination. This can mean that they go directly to your chosen institution(s) from our office in Ottawa! With this level of service, all you have to do is get in touch with one of our agents and submit your documents to be authenticated. Everything from attestation to delivery becomes our responsibility!

Not sure if you are ready to start, but have questions? Get in touch with us via WhatsApp! We are happy to answer any questions or consult over the phone, no commitment required.


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