Apostille & Legalization in Canada

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A marriage certificate apostille in Canada is a straightforward process. But what does it entail? The entire process includes authorizing it at a government body and/or at an Embassy or Consulate in Canada. This process is necessary if you want to use a Canadian marriage certificate for immigration, visa applications, and legal proceedings.

The Apostille Process in Two Steps

The first step is the verification of the marriage certificate at an authorized government agency. The officials will check for the authenticity of the marriage certificate. Then, they will confirm that an appropriate government authority has issued it. This step can can take several weeks, depending on the workload of the issuing province or territory. Be wary of that!

Document Preparation 

To prepare the documents for apostille: make sure you have the original marriage certificate. And of course, any other required additional documents. It’s essential to check the specific requirements beforehand, as they may vary depending on the issuing province or territory. If you’re unsure what to do at this step, contact our experts at LSC Canada

Once done with the above, sent them to us, and we’ll submit documents to government agency on your behalf. LSC Canada will collect the documents the validation process if completed. Afterwards, we’ll proceed to the last step of the process. Depending on which country and which purpose the apostille is for, this step may be enough by itself.

Attestation of Documents

The second step in the apostille process is legalization. Keep in mind that not every country requires this step. Always double check with our experts! An Embassy or Consulate in Canada of the country where the document will be used will place an apostille stamp on your marriage certificate. The legalization process can take several weeks, depending on the workload of the Embassy or Consulate and the country’s specific requirements.

LSC will handle the legalization process on behalf of the clients and send the authenticated documents to the appropriate Embassy or Consulate for legalization. Once the legalization process is complete, LSC will receive the legalized documents back from the Embassy or Consulate and will send them back to the client.

It is important to note that the legalization process may take several weeks, and individuals should plan and allow enough time for the process to be completed before it is needed for any official purposes. It is also important to ensure that the documents are properly packaged and sent by a secure method such as registered mail.