Apostille & Legalization in Canada

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If you are applying for a Canadian citizenship or a Canadian permanent residency, you may need to provide the Qatar Police Clearance Certificate if you had lived in Qatar for a long period of time.

The fastest way to obtain a Qatar Police Clearance Certificate is to authorize a relative or a friend in Qatar to obtain a Qatar Police Clearance Certificate for you on your behalf. For this, you will need to provide your contact in Qatar with your legalized fingerprints and legalized power of attorney along with other supporting documents (please contact our office for complete list of the required paperwork).

How we can help you?

Our agency is located in Ottawa that gives us an advantage for authenticating and legalizing the documents in timely fashion. Just send the notarized fingerprints form, notarized power of attorney along with the completed LSC Order Form to our office and we will do the rest.

We will get the Power of attorney and fingerprints authenticated and legalized within 3-4 days. Once the documents are completed we can ship them directly to Qatar by DHL, if you require.

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