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What is a Superlegalization? Why do you need to do this process?

The superlegalization or simply legalization is the process when the documents get authenticated by each subsequent authority. The main point for this process is to make sure that the documents originated in one country could be legally used in another country. Canadian documents that are intended to be used in, for example, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia or Slovak Republic have to undergo through superlegalization process. The documents need to be authenticated first by the Government authorities and then superlegalized by the appropriate consulates.

There are many documents out there and not all of them can be superlegalized. Usually, most secondary school documents, university degrees, birth and marriage certificates have to undergo this process. Please contact our office and we will confirm if your particular documents can be superlegalized.

How we can assist you?

Our company has more than 5 years of positive experience in superlegalization process. If you need your documents superlegalized, look no further as we offer you a one stop service. We not only offer superlegalization of documents, but we also provide the notary services, pay the necessary fees to the consulates and arrange the shipment to international destinations.

Our office has processed hundreds of documents to date so we know how to handle the documents. Please do not be worried about the safety of your original documents as our main priority is confidentiality and security.

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