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What is Death Certificate Apostille, Death Certificate Authentication and Death Certificate Legalization in Canada?

A Death Certificate Authentication, also known as a Death Certificate Attestation, Death Certificate Legalization or Death Certificate Apostille, is a legal validation which proves that the signature, position of an official, and seal on the certified document are authentic. Once a death certificate is authenticated and legalized, it will become valid and legally recognized by other countries around the world.

Why Might You Need It?

Here are some reasons why you may need to authenticate (Apostille) and legalize a death certificate:

    • For the registration of a death abroad
    • In order to close a deceased one’s bank account abroad
    • To address estate matters abroad
    • For legal matters
    • Other reasons

Mainly, authentication and legalization (Apostille) is required in order to make a death certificate valid and recognizable in countries other than the one where it was issued. The process makes the document of legal standard, which allows it to be recognized across different nations.

What Needs to be Done

In order to authenticate and legalize (Apostille) a death certificate you will need to follow a three step process that involves document preparationdocument authentication, and document legalization.

Step 1: Document Preparation

Having your documents prepared before beginning authentication is a crucial step and one that can make the difference between a hassle-free process or one ridden with delays and set-backs. What sort of preparation you require may be subject to your specific scenario, but here are a few things that you may need to get done before you can authenticate.

    • Liaison with end-country to obtain their specific requirements
    • Document Translation
    • Document notarization
    • Making notarized “true copies” of the document
    • Collecting other relevant, required, and supporting documents
    • At the end of the day, how you prepare your documents will depend on what the requirements of your end-country are where you will be using the authenticated death certificate and also on which pieces of the document you are missing to begin the process. When you trust us with authentication, we ensure that your documents are prepared in accordance to your needs and within your timeline.

Step 2: Death Certificate Authentication

During this step, your death certificate will be presented to Global Affairs Canada, a governing body that will verify whether the signature, position of the official, and seal are authentic. When they are satisfied with the truthiness of these components, they will apply a red seal to your document thus confirming that it is authentic according to their examination and standards. You may now legalize this document.

While this step is otherwise simple, Global Affairs Canada has very specific rules and regulations that must be adhered to and complied with in order to have your document successfully acknowledged and authenticated by them.

Global Affairs Canada – Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

In order to make sure your death certificate obtains the Global Affairs Canada seal mentioned in Step 2, your document will need to meet their standards and comply with their rules and regulations. Below is the list of criteria that they will use to assess your document:

    • Only Canadian signatures are acceptable on your document
    • Only the original long form of death certificates can be authenticated, which must have been issued by the office of vital statistics from the relevant province/territory. Plastic or wallet-sized copies of these documents are not acceptable for authentication.
    • Religious documents cannot be processed, even if they are notarized.
    • Signature authentication requires the name of the person to be provided, unless the signature is legible and complete
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that the lawyer you select to notarize your document is a notary.

Step 3: Death Certificate Legalization

Legalization of your document is the third and final step of having it recognized outside of Canada. For this step, you will need to present your document to the appropriate consulate or embassy, who will conduct their own examination of the Global Affairs Canada seal on the document to verify its authenticity. Once they are satisfied that the seal is authentic, they will affix their own stamp or certificate acknowledging that your document suffices their standards and requirements. With the completion of this step, your document is now authenticated and legal!

Note: Embassies and consulates often have their own processes and fees for acknowledging the validity of your authentication. Often, their rules, regulations, and fees of the verification process change making any previous knowledge of their process redundant. We keep up-to-date information on the most current changes in these embassies and consulates, meaning your processing time will not be lengthened due to unknown changes.

Death Certificate Types in Canada

Ontario Death Certificate ApostilleDeath Certificate AuthenticationDeath Certificate Attestation

Document Shipping After Authentication and Legalization Service in Canada

When you choose us to authenticate and legalize (Apostille) a death certificate on your behalf, we ensure that the process is simple, fast and reliable from your first point of contact with us until your authenticated and legalized document reaches its final destination. Once the process is complete and your certificate is attested, we can ship it anywhere in the world using our document shipping solutions safely, securely, and within your timeline!

Why Get This Process Done Through Us?

Here is an overview for why you should choose us for this service!

    • Our process is hassle-free
    • We have significantly shorter processing times at Global Affairs Canada
    • Quicker turn-around of document
    • Our location is in Ottawa, where most embassies and consulates are located
    • We make sure your documents meet the requirements of Global Affairs Canada
    • We prepare all documents according to current embassy/consulate requirements
    • We have up-to-date information on the requirements of most consulates and embassies around the globe!
    • Documents are returned to you or shipped to their final destination anywhere in the world safely, securely, and within your set timeline.

Steps For Death Certificate Authentication – Death Certificate Apostille – Death Certificate Legalization





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    Choosing the Best for Document Authentication in Canada

    If you ever find yourself in a situation where a document authentication in Canada will be needed, you will be confronted with several options. Whether it is document authentication of a birth certificate or power of attorney for use abroad, there are many options. Anyways, this should never be an excuse for you to decide in haste. It is critical to put an effort and invest some time in finding the best company for document authentication and legalization service in Canada. If this is a case, consider the factors listed below in order to make a thoughtful decision.

    Experience in the Industry of document authentication

    First of all you need to consider evaluating the experience of the company in the field of document authentication in Canada. Obviously, you should pick one that has been in the business for several years rather than one that has been in the business for few months only. Legalization Service Centre was in the industry for years now, which means you can fully trust this company. Just consider: if it was not able to deliver exceptional services, it would have not have loyal customers around the world.

    Competent Workforce

    If you need document authentication at Global Affairs Canada, it is important to work with a company that is staffed with people who are competent in what they are doing. If you are working with inexperienced individuals for document authentication it would be very easy to get in trouble with authorities as there are different requirements for different documents. Company should be able to provide you with up to date information on different aspects of authentication of documents process which will eventually translate to the high standards in customer satisfaction.

    Unbeatable Price for document authentication

    For many people, price is the most important factor in evaluating their choices for document authentication services. With this, it is important to choose one company that is offering affordable rates for authentication of documents in Canada. You can check service fees here:

    Quick Turnaround

    It is important to work with a company that cooperates with the different embassies in Canada in the field of authentication of documents, such as: Embassy of Netherlands in Canada, Embassy of Norway in Canada, Embassy of UAE in Canada, Embassy of Albania, Embassy of Ecuador, Embassy of Austria, Colombia Embassy, Embassy of Kazakhstan, Embassy of Costa Rica, Embassy of Kuwait in Canada, Embassy of Serbia, Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada, Embassy of Qatar in Canada and Russian Embassy, among others. This will help to process the documents in speedy manner.

    Reliability and Privacy

    The company must be also able to provide confidential and save attestation and notary services. They must have the capabilities to make sure that your documents will be kept secured and no one will have access without authorization.

    In sum, if you are looking to get your documents authenticated by the company that complies with criteria above, there is no need to look any further. Legalization Service Centre can be the best option as it provides exceptional document authentication and legalization services in a manner that is quick, private, and affordable.

    For more information about authentication of documents in Canada please visit this page:

    Apostille Canada

    Apostille Canada

    In 1961, thе Hаguе Cоnfеrеnсе оn Private International Lаw drafted an international treaty knоwn аѕ thе Hаguе Apostille Cоnvеntiоn, or thе Aроѕtillе trеаtу.

    Under the Hague Cоnvеntiоn, signatory соuntriеѕ оf thiѕ treaty have аgrееd to rесоgnizе рubliс documents iѕѕuеd by оthеr signatory соuntriеѕ, providing thоѕе documents аrе аuthеntiсаtеd bу the аttасhmеnt of an internationally recognized fоrm of аuthеntiсаtiоn known аѕ аn ” apostille “. An ароѕtillе еnѕurеѕ thаt public dосumеntѕ iѕѕuеd in one signatory соuntrу will bе rесоgnizеd аѕ valid or lеgаl in аll оthеr ѕignаtоrу countries.

    How to get Apostille in Canada?

    Aѕ Cаnаdа iѕ nоt a ѕignаtоrу tо thе Hague Cоnvеntiоn, it is nоt роѕѕiblе tо оbtаin аn Apostille Cаnаda on dосumеntѕ. To bе rесоgnizеd in a fоrеign соuntrу, Cаnаdiаn dосumеntѕ muѕt bе “authenticated аnd legalized” which in essence replaces Apostille Canada. Thе оnlу diffеrеnсе bеtwееn thе “ароѕtillе” рrосеѕѕ аnd thе Cаnаdiаn “аuthеntiсаtiоn аnd lеgаlizаtiоn” рrосеѕѕ is thаt a dосumеnt thаt hаѕ bееn apostilled will be recognized by all countries that are signatories tо thе Hаguе Apostille Cоnvеntiоn. In соntrаѕt, a Cаnаdiаn dосumеnt that has bееn аuthеntiсаtеd аnd lеgаlizеd will bе recognized by all соuntries including those that signed the convention.

    How we can help you?

    We undеrѕtаnd that Apostille Canada and Authentication & Lеgаlizаtiоn of documents iѕ a соmрlеx рrосеѕѕ that requires enormous timе and еffоrt – so let uѕ do the wоrk fоr уоu. Legalization Service Centre is еԛuiрреd with a team of professionals dеdiсаtеd tо mаkе thе process quiсk, еаѕу and hаѕѕlе-frее bу tаking care оf уоur Authеntiсаtiоn & Lеgаlizаtiоn nееdѕ frоm ѕtаrt tо finiѕh. Wе рrоvidе quality ѕеrviсеѕ. Please click here to read the Google Reviews posted by our customers.

    What we can offer you?

    • Individual approach
    • Saving time
    • Immеdiаtе rеѕultѕ
    • Affordable fees

    Fоr more infоrmаtiоn оn the аuthеntiсаtiоn аnd lеgаlizаtiоn of documents рrосеѕѕ in Cаnаdа please visit this page:

    Legalization Service Centre (LSC) is the еxреrt in Apostille Canada and аuthеntiсаtiоn аnd lеgаlizаtiоn process. We can hеlр you with this рrосеѕѕ аnd we will mаkе sure it iѕ dоnе right!

    China Embassy

    Legalization of Documents at the China Embassy in Canada

    China Embassy in Canada is observing National Day Golden Week Holiday from October 2nd to October 7th 2016.

    Many Government services will be closed or offer limited services.

    China Embassy and Consulates around the world will also be closed therefore visa services and #legalization of documents services will not be available.

    The China Embassy in Canada will be closed from October 3rd to 5th in observance of the Holiday. Please be advised that there will be more visitors during first few days in Consular section when they resume the services resulting in longer waiting times.

    Legalization Service Centre will help you to save your time so you do not need to worry about authentication and legalization of your documents at China Embassy in Canada.

    For more information, please visit this page:

    Contact us for more information: Email: [email protected]

    Toll Free: 1-800-857-1215 Local/WhatsApp: +1-613-501-0555 Skype: lsccanada Fax: 1-844-786-2001

    Authenticate Documents

    How to Authenticate Documents in Canada?

    Authentication of documents in Canada doesn’t often cross your mind unless you actually need to authenticate documents. Here’s what you need to know about the authentication process for documents in Canada.

    What is to Authenticate Documents?

    Often known as legalization, to authenticate documents means to certify the the signature, seal, or position on the document. It is done by a person who has the authority to issue, execute, or certify a document in one jurisdiction so that it can be recognized by another jurisdiction. However, to authenticate documents does not necessarily mean to confirm the content of the document is genuine, legal, or credible. The Legalization Service Centre (LSC) can take care of Authentication and Legalization of documents in Canada from start to finish. You cannot perform legalization on your own document, of course. Please click here to read more about LSC.

    How to Send in Documents?

    In Person – All you have to do is to go to Legalization Service Centre office with your documents. You may need an appointment depending on the location. You can also have another person bring in to authenticate documents for you if you do not have the time. Some offices are closed on the weekends and most are closed on holidays. If the documents cannot be immediately authenticated, you’ll need to come back at a later date to pick them up. You can wait if it won’t take too long, though. If they cannot be done immediately, you will be contacted when it is time to come back and get your authenticated documents.

    Mailing Documents – You’ll need to fill out and enclose an LSC Order form (hard copy is preferred) which you can fill out online on our website here: It is probably going to be untrackable if you use regular mail and the Legalization Service Centre is not responsible if the documents get lost in the mail. It is better to use express courier services to mail your documents in like: Express Canada Post, Fedex, Purolator, UPS so that you can track your shipments all the way down. The processing time may differ on the type of documents so it is recommended to use express couriers.

    How Long It Takes to Authenticate Documents?

    Generally, to authenticate the documents takes about 7-8 business days (two weeks). Add in 5 business days at minimum if you are using Canadian regular mail services. If you need to authenticate documents urgently or sooner than two weeks the Legalization Service Centre will be your first point of contact as LSC authenticates documents in less than two business days rush service. It is much easier to bring your documents in in-person if you have the time, but that depends on your schedule. Bringing them to the office in-person will ensure they get there in good condition. If not, please use one of recognizable and reliable courier services we mentioned above and mail the documents in to our office in Ottawa. Once the documents are received, they will be processed immediately.

    This should be the basis of what you need to know to get your documents Authenticated in Canada.

    Apostille in Canada

    How to Obtain Apostille in Canada

    The Canadian documents that are intended to be used in foreign countries, for personal or business affairs, must go through two steps authentication and legalization of documents process to ensure that they are valid and accepted abroad. This pertains to Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates, Degrees, Criminal Record Check Certificates, Powers of Attorney, Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin to mention a few.

    Another commonly used method to make the documents valid in foreign countries is to obtain an Apostille stamp on them, which can be done in any country that has signed the Hague Apostille Convention.

    What’s meaning of an Apostille?

    Are you relocating to another country for a job or school? Seeking to do a business in an international market? Your prospective hiring manager, institution or other authorities may have specifically asked to get an Apostille on your Canadian documents. This takes place when making use of the important Canadian documents internationally. At Legalization Service Centre many people are looking for an Apostille information in Canada. If you’re trying to get an Apostille for your Canadian documents, we can help you. However, it is necessary to note that the Apostille process is only utilized by certain countries.

    What Exactly Does Apostille Mean?

    Since 1961, about 112 countries have signed the Apostille Hague Convention, which set up a shortened procedure for validating documents to be used in some countries. The purpose of the Hague Convention is to remove the necessity for the legalisation of international public documents. Unfortunately, Canada did not join this Convention, and for this reason doesn’t issue Apostille certificates.

    Here in Canada, the Apostille Certification procedure is known as Authentication and Legalization process. For those who have been asked to get an Apostille Stamp on the Canadian documents, it is obviously not possible. But you should not be worried about this as Canada’s Authentication and Legalization procedure is sort of equivalent for this Apostille process, and the documents can be accepted by all countries that signed the Hague Apostille Convention.

    What are the steps equivalent to Apostille?

    The two steps procedure equivalent to Apostille involves first authenticating your document at the Federal Government Authority in Canada. The Government Authority examines documents to ensure that the seal and signature of the official on your document is genuine. They also validate the position associated with the official who has the authority to carry out, issue, or approve your document to ensure that it may be recognized in another international jurisdiction. For your documents to be considered, the Federal Government Authority’s requirements have to be observed or the documents might probably not get authenticated.

    Our professionals will make sure that your documents meet the Governments requirements. So, please do not be worried and let us help you with the authentication process for your Canadian documents.

    Please visit this webpage for more information:

    Once your documents have been authenticated, it is a time for the legalization of documents. The legalization of Canadian documents means that the appropriate diplomatic representative of the country where the documents will be used, has approved documents to be used in its country.

    Please visit this page for more information about legalization of documents in Canada:

    How To Get A Canadian Document Notarized For International Travel?

    There is always a common problem which international travelers do face whenever they want to travel from one country to another for business or residency. This is the nightmare of getting their documents notarized as required by the laws of every country. If you happen to be one of such persons then you would have known by now that notarized and subsequently authenticated documents are what actually authorize your movement abroad whether for business or residency or work purposes. This simply means that without a notarized and authenticated documents, your movement will be impeded.

    What this post will be aimed at doing is to have you enlightened on the steps you will have to take to ensure that such a process is a huge success. These will be highlighted and briefly discussed below.

    Getting Your Documents Notarized

    This is a very vital step that you don’t want to ignore. A notary certificate involves having a seal placed at the end of your document indicating that a notary public has successfully carried out every witnessing as required by the law. It is important to note that a notary certificate may not be part of the original document as it can be attached to it. In order to get your document notarized, you will need a notary certificate, seal and finally a signature.

    Meeting Different Requirements

    You have to know that there are varying conditions when it comes to the process of notarization and authentication of documents. What this means is that the process is usually different from province to federal level, and country to country. Also, there is what is always referred to as general requirements.

    The most pressing of all is the general requirements which you must meet. If you are a business person, you will be expected to submit your notarized powers of attorney, certificates of incorporation, affidavits, transcripts, deeds of assignment, commercial invoices, income verification, copy of international passport and any other documents related to your business. This may be required, for example, when you open a subsidiary of your business in foreign jurisdictions.

    The requirements for the notarization and authentication of personal documents may include: marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce decrees, judgment or probate wills, criminal background checks, fingerprints. Please note that you only authenticate these documents when you are required to do so by government authorities of foreign countries. For instance, being divorced requires you to submit a document verifying this status.

    File in A Request For Notarization and Authentication Services

    This is the stage where you will need to complete a form about your request for the notarization and authentication of documents owned by you. In Canada, Legalization Service Centre is the company that will assist you to get documents notarized and authenticated. You will need to fill out the LSC Order Form in order to request this service from the company. The order form is not difficult to complete, but if you will have questions on how to complete it, you can always call the Customer Service at LSC to help you with the completion. Once the order was placed, the agents of LSC will process your documents at Global Affairs Canada and then will further process them by appropriate consulates or Embassies accredited in Canada according to international laws.

    In conclusion, any time when you travel abroad: for business, work or residency purposes, you will need to make sure that Canadian documents are properly notarized and authenticated so that they are recognized in the country of your destination. LSC will properly get your documents notarized.  Legalization Service Centre is your trusted partner in your international endeavor!

    Notary Apostille Certificate

    How to Get Notary Apostille Certificate in Canada

    An Apostille is an important certification which ensures that your documents remain valid and legal as you travel across nations. It is a means through which a legal document from one country could be acceptable and retain its validity in another country. This certification which is issued by a regulating power ascertains if the signature of a notary public or seal is authentic.

    The notary apostille certification originated from the Hague Convention which took place on the 5th October, 1961. The convention abolished the need for legalizing foreign public documents among its members. A document which originates from a participating country for use in another country will require a notary apostille certificate that contains notary public’s signature or seal for its authentication. Individuals or firms authorized to use notary apostille certifications are selected by participating nations. However, Canada is not a signatory of the Hague Convention, hence, notary apostille certifications cannot be provided for its public documents.

    Alternatively, Canada provides a Certificate of Authentication or Form 10 which is an International Certificate of Identity. This is an equivalent of an apostille which is used in nations that are signatory to the Hague Convention.

    Procedure for Obtaining notary apostille Certification in Canada

    Having established the fact that Canada does not offer an apostille certification, every public document will pass through a three-step process. These processes include:

    • Notarization
    • Authentication
    • Legalization

    Each of these processes will be discussed in details.


    While member countries of Apostille Convention recognize the notary apostille certificates, in Canada the notaries do not issue certificates, but still the documents need to have a notarization. Notarization is the first essential step for certification of your documents. Without it, Global Affairs Canada will not authenticate a public document. Here, documents are notarized by a notary public or a lawyer.

    Different professions in Canada such as Professional Engineers, Lawyers, Medical Doctors, School Principals, etc can notarize their identity documents, but they are not entitled to issue notary apostille certificates.


    Authentication is a certification of the genuineness of a document. Please do not confuse it with notary apostille certificate. This process does not only verify the source of a document, but also confirms the genuineness of its signature, stamp or seal on the document, in order to ensure that any document which is issued and certified in one jurisdiction is recognized in another jurisdiction.

    It should be noted that authentication does not confirm or certify if a document or its contents is genuine, legal or credible.

    The notarized documents are hereby submitted to the Global Affairs Canada for authentication of Canadian signatures on them.

    The requirements of authentication vary from one country to another. Hence, it is important to contact the embassy, high commissioner or consulate of the country you are sending your documents to and inquire if there is need for it. Some of them will still ask for notary apostille, but do not panic as authentication is only way in Canada to certify the documents.

    Below are the documents that can be authenticated by the Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector:

    • Birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates
    • Criminal record checks (police clearance) or fingerprint certificates
    • Documents originating in a foreign country
    • Documents originating in Canada in a foreign language
    • Statements In Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad
    • Medical Reports
    • Education Documents
    • Court documents
    •  Police clearance letters
    •  Affidavits
    •  Power of attorneys
    •  Health Canada certificates, etc.


    This is the last stage of the process. Here, the documents which have been notarized and authenticated are verified by the country’s foreign consulate you wish to send your documents to. For instance, should you wish to send your authenticated documents to France, you must have them legalized by the French consulate.

    As you can see, obtainig a notary apostille certificate is a quite confusing process.

    Here, at Legalization Service Centre, we assist our customers to obtain stamps on their Canadian documents so that they are recognizable overseas.

    UAE Embassy Legalization | LSC Canada

    How To Get Canadian Documents Attested by UAE Embassy in Canada

    There is always a challenge of getting valid documents for many travelers across the globe as they travel from one nation to another whether for business, residency or work purposes.

    Should you decide to work and reside in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you need to realize that all Canadian documents need to be authenticated and legalized by UAE embassy in order to be accepted by authorities in UAE. Usually, Canadian documents get legalized by UAE embassy in Canada as it is an official UAE government representative authority in Canada.

    The validation process of Canadian documents for use in UAE take several steps, the last of which is legalization of documents by UAE embassy in Canada.

    First step will be to notarize your Canadian documents, the second step is to authenticate them by Canadian government authority, and the last step will be to legalize authenticated documents by UAE embassy or Consulate in Canada.

    How to notarize Canadian documents for use in UAE? Does the UAE Embassy in Canada notarize them?

    Notarization of documents in Canada is vital and you should not ignore it. At this stage, a notary public or a lawyer must notarize your documents as required by the law. You are then given a notary certificate in where at the end of your document, the appropriate, usually embossed seal is placed.

    Not all documents require notarization as this process varies from one country to another. Hence, it is essential you contact the Legalization Service Centre for clarification.

    Your documents must be authenticated before you travel to UAE. Birth certificates, marriage certificates must be authenticated before submitting to UAE Consulate for attestation

    The Authentication process is carried out to confirm and certify that the seal and signature of the official who notarized the document is genuine. In addition, it validates the position of the official who is authorized to issue or approve documents so that such documents can be internationally recognized. It should be noted that authentication of documents does not legalize its contents nor make it credible and genuine.

    Authentication of Canadian documents is carried out by the Global Affairs Canada, or how it was called in the past: Department of Foreign affairs, Trade and Development Canada. Remember that it is highly recommended to authenticate your documents here in Canada before leaving for the United Arab Emirates because Canadian embassy in the UAE will not often authenticate Canadian documents.

    There are a lot of documents which can be authenticated by the Global Affairs Canada. Few of them are given below:

    • Birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates
    • Criminal record checks (police clearance) or fingerprint certificates
    • Documents which originates in a foreign country
    • Documents that originates in Canada in foreign language
    • Medical Reports
    • Education Documents
    •  Court documents
    •  Clearance letters from police
    •  Sworn affidavits
    •  Documents indicating power of attorneys
    •  Health certificates from Canada
    • Commercial documents, etc.

    Get your Canadian documents attested by UAE Embassy in Ottawa. University Degrees, Transcripts, Powers of attorney must be attested by UAE Embassy in Canada

    The last stage of the validation process is legalization. The authenticated documents are verified and attested by the UAE consulate to be used in the United Arab Emirates. UAE embassy official will place its signature and a seal on the document making it legal to be used in UAE.

    If you need your university degrees validated by UAE consulate, make sure to send official transcripts to UAE consulate first before presenting your original documents.

    Having explained this process, you need to understand that it may be tedious, complex and time consuming especially when you do not pass through a Canadian Agency nor familiar with the UAE embassy requirements. Here in Canada, a renowned and trusted company that specializes in assisting people get documents notarized and authenticated is Legalization Service Centre.

    A lot of people who traveled abroad either for residency, work or business purposes have gotten their documents attested through LSC.

    Legalization Service Centre, a seasoned, approved and experienced agency provides highly professional service of getting your documents notarized, authenticated and legalized even in the most economical way meeting UAE Embassy requirements.

    Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector

    Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector

    Effective January 1st, 2017 the Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector is open only four days a week from Monday to Thursday and from 10:00am to 12:00pm and from 2:00pm to 3:00pm. The Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector is closed on Fridays, weekends and holidays.

    Authentication of Documents by Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector

    The Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector authenticates the following documents:

    The processing time for authentication of documents is up to 20 business days.

    What is a Legalization of Documents?

    After authentication of documents by Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector most likely your documents will be required to get legalized or superlegalized by the appropriate Embassy or Consulates in Canada. The legalization of documents is usually done on original documents that confirms the documents are legal. The Embassy and Consulates collect certain consular fees that must be paid in US or Canadian currency in the form of a money order.

    How Legalization Service Centre can help you?

    We are a professional Canadian company with more than 5 years of successful experience in the field of document authentication and legalization process in Canada. We authenticate documents at the Global Affairs Canada Authentication Sector in person within one business day. Also we assist our customers with legalization of documents at Embassies and Consulates in person.

    Please click here to read the Google Reviews posted by our customers.

    Dutch Embassy Ottawa

    The Dutch Embassy Ottawa

    The Dutch Embassy in Ottawa or officially – the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is the one of the Netherlands’ diplomatic representatives accredited in Canada. The Dutch Embassy in Ottawa is located in the heart of the Canadian capital city at the following address: Constitution Square Building, 350 Albert Street, Suite 2020, Ottawa, ON K1R 1A4.

    Authentication of Documents by the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa

    The Canadian documents to be used in the Netherlands are required to get authenticated and legalized. The Dutch Embassy in Ottawa provides authentication services for the following documents:

    In order to receive a service by the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa you will need to book an appointment. Please note that there is a consular fee that you need to pay to the Embassy for their services. The fee amount is different from month to month depending on the current exchange rate.

    How Legalization Service Centre can help you?

    We are a professional Canadian company with more than 5 years of successful experience in the field of document authentication and legalization services in Canada. We authenticate documents at the Global Affairs Canada Authentication sector in person and legalize documents at the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa, also in person. All you need to do is to mail your documents to our office in Ottawa and we will take care of the rest.

    Once we finish processing, we can ship the documents directly to the Netherlands by DHL, if needed.

    Please click here to read the Google Reviews posted by our customers.

    Professionalism At Its Best!!

    “Great, same day service, extremely professional in dealing with me, easily accessible for any questions, flexible in making arrangements most convenient for me, extremely fast delivery of documents despite the fact that I am currently overseas, and all that for a very reasonable cost…. THANK YOU!” – S. Majstorovic

    Logistic Manager

    “Professional And Cooperative Our company worked with Legalization Centre Office for legalization affairs with different foreign Embassies few times and each time we experienced a prompt service and great cooperation when required. We are fully satisfied with their service and we will continue working with them for our future projects.” – Elaheh Sadeghi

    Seamless Legalization Process!

    “I have used LSC’s service twice to get documents legalized by foreign embassies. Timely communication and great customer service! They even helped to expedite the legalization process at the embassy! Will be using their service again very soon…highly recommended.” – Sherri

    Fast Respond, Great Service!

    “Authentication process of my daughters birth certificate, delivering it to the Embassy for legalization, everything was done in a timely manner and with great communication at all stages. Thanks to these guys I got all the paperwork done just in time and did not have to cancel my vacation…Thank you!” – Konstantin – Whitehorse, Canada