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Divorce Certificate Apostille in Canada

Canadian Divorce Certificate is required to be Apostilled for use in foreign countries. This process confirms that the document is legal for use internationally.

Legalization Service Centre provides efficient and secure Divorce Certificate Apostille in Canada process. We can help to get Divorce Certificates Apostilled within 2 business days regardless the province of their issuance! Please contact our office for more information.

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Divorce Certificate Apostille in

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Divorce Certificate Apostille

Legalization Service Centre Canada handles all steps in the process as we developed extensive experience in the field of document Apostille process in Canada.

The Apostille process might take some time to get accomplished but due to our knowledge and proven algorithms of certain actions, we can substantially reduce the processing times. We now offer 2 business days Apostille with our priority service!

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If you want to avoid inevitable hiccups during the Divorce Certificate Apostille process in Canada please do contact us and we will be able to save your time and money as we know all aspects of this process.

We have processed more than one thousand Canadian certificates by Canadian government authorities and foreign embassies and consulates not only in Canada but also in the USA. We are proud to name ourselves the best Apostille and Attestation Service experts in Canada.


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Steps for Divorce Certificate Apostille in Canada


Prepare documents for Apostille process. If you are not sure about where to start with please contact our office and our experts will help you with preparation of your documents


Send the documents to our office: LSC Canada, 440 Laurier Ave W, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON, K1R7X6


Receive the Marriage Certificate with Apostille Certificate back from us in Canada or abroad!

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Swift Divorce Certificate Apostille in Canada

Our Express Apostille and Attestation Service guarantees speedy processing and delivery your documents.

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We simplify the journey by providing you with a comprehensive checklist to prepare your documents. Once you’re ready, simply ship them to us, and we’ll handle the rest.

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