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Apostille of Documents to Apply for China Work Visa

If you are a Canadian resident planning on doing work in China, it’s essential to get prepared early to ensure your work visa doesn’t run into any snags. Before you can apply for a Chinese work visa, your future employer must arrange a work permit letter. For this, you must provide the employer with the authenticated documents such as highest degree, criminal record check, medical report and other documents.

Your Canadian documents will need to be Apostilled authenticated by the Canadian Government before they can be submitted to the Chinese authorities foe a work visa. Give yourself plenty of time to make sure you don’t experience any difficulties that might interfere with your upcoming work schedule.

For Canadians planning on working in China, it’s important to understand that the process can be complicated. Having a working understanding of Chinese laws and regulations is essential. Our experts at the Legalization Service Centre have the experience and resources required to ensure a smooth Apostille process and acceptance. We facilitate the Apostille of documents at the Canadian Government – within usually 5 business days or less if expedited – so that our client’s documents are properly submitted and accepted without any hassle.

What you need to do before document Apostille process

1. You will need to get all necessary documents notarized by your local notary public or lawyer. (We can take care of this step if you send in the original documents to our office).

2. Double check your documents to ensure that hey are truthful and in good legal order and don’t violate any Chinese law or threaten any Chinese interest. This is a great time to reach out for help from someone with experience and expertise in this area! Do contact us for the assistance.

3. If your documents contain more than one page it must be properly bound. Every page of the document must be signed and sealed by the notary or lawyer.

Once these steps are taken, congratulations! Your documents are ready to move onto the Apostille process in Canada.

Apostille Process

1. The notarized documents will then need to be apostilled by the Government Department. We can get your documents notarized and Apostilled within two-three business days if you choose the expedited service.

2. Once your documents are Apostilled they are ready for submission to the Chinese immigration authorities for a work visa.

What you will need to start the process:

  1. Original documents such as Canadian educational documents, qualification certificates, Canadian Criminal Record or background certificates (we can also order it from the Canadian police).
  2. Completed and signed LSC Order form. Please contact our office to email the one.

Typically, 7 business days processing time should be taken into account, but can be expedited for an additional fee.  While this particular process has many steps, if given an appropriate amount of time and with the help of our experts, you shouldn’t have to worry about any unnecessary delays. Please do contact Legalization Service Centre for more information and assistance.

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