Power of Attorney for Use in Kazakhstan

Need a Power of Attorney (POA) for use in Kazakhstan? You probably have many questions. POAs can be a very handy tool, but often they are not your first choice to accomplish a task. Regardless, POAs have been particularly popular between Canada and Kazakhstan during the course of the pandemic due to travel restrictions and bans. If you can’t be present to conduct a task that you must carry on through with, assign an attorney to act on your behalf!

What is a Power of Attorney?

A POA is a legal document that provides another person (an attorney) with permission to act on your behalf. Typically, you use them for matters concerning financial activities, property transactions and medical decisions on behalf of another. You may need one if, for whatever reason, you cannot be present or are unable to perform a task yourself (i.e. conduct the sale of a property that you are the title-holder to).

How Do You Prepare a POA for use in Kazakhstan?

There are forms that are readily available online that you can customize with the relevant details of yourself and your chosen attorney. You can outline the extent to which they may act on your behalf and set forth limitations to their decision-making. It is important to consider all aspects of the power that you are providing to your attorney. Since they are making important decisions on your behalf, your chosen attorney must be:

  1. Someone who is capable of making sound decisions
  2. Someone you can trust and have faith in

While anyone can be your attorney, your chosen individual must not be a spouse, your child, or anyone you consider to be like a child to you.

Attestation of POA for Kazakhstan

Once you prepare a POA here in Canada, you need to have it attested for use in Kazakhstan. Attestation is a 2 step process: authentication and legalization. Both terms are interchangeable and require the same processing of documents.

To complete authentication, you have to submit your documents to Global Affairs Canada located in Ottawa. GAC is the only government body in Canada that processes all document authentications. There are no parallel or equivalent services in Canada for this purpose. It may take the office of GAC up to 2 weeks to complete the process.

But what if you need your documents sooner?

That is often a very long wait-time for many people. You may have important work relying on this that need attending to much sooner. At Legalization Service Centre, we understand the urgency of your requests. We have a solution to have your documents processed at GAC sooner. How? We have been in the business of attestations for many years! Over these years, we built a solid network within GAC and with all of our experience, we know what pitfalls and mistakes to avoid, which speeds up the process even further. All we need from you, is a letter and proof of your urgency to submit to GAC for consideration, and we take care of the rest.

Legalization of Power of Attorney for Kazakhstan?

Once your document has been authenticated (indicated by a large red stamp placed by GAC), it will need to be submitted to the Kazakh embassy. Here, your documents will undergo legalization, which is the name given to the review by the embassy. The Kazakh embassy will review your POA primarily to ensure that the GAC stamp is valid. Moreover, they will check to see that the POA meets all of the standards put in place to allow it to be used in Kazakhstan. Once the embassy is satisfied, they too will place a stamp or certificating indicating that it has been legalized. After these two steps, your power of attorney for Kazakhstan is now ready!

The Final Steps

Authentication and legalization are not necessarily difficult processes once you know what to do. However, if this is just a means to an end for you, then finding out how each step of the process works through personal experience may not be a good use of your time. Moreover, no matter how much research you do, going solo will likely result in unnecessary wait-times and unforeseen delays.

At Legalization Service Centre, this is all we do, all day, every day. From gathering all of the pieces, to having the final documents sent to the right place, we cover all of your tracks so that you don’t have to. We know how tedious paper work can be. We also know that our clients have far more important things to do with their time. So, when you’re ready to have your documents attested, give us a call. We’re happy to chat, even if all you need is more information!


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Authentication of Documents in Canada

LSC Canada: One-Stop Solution for your Attestation Needs

Paperwork can be daunting and we get that. Unfortunately, when you need documents from one country to use in another, there is even more administration involved. Not only do these documents often need to be notarized, they also need to be attested to ensure that they are legally admissible in the intended country of use. For anyone who hasn’t gone through the process before, attestation or authentication and legalization (what does that even mean?) can seem like a headache. From ordering the right document to having them reach their final destination, there is just so much involved! Not to mention the trip to Ottawa for legalization that you probably didn’t have in your travel plans.

So what do you do? We recommend getting in touch with Legalization Service Centre Canada (LSC Canada). Not just because we’re the best in the industry, but because we take all of your attestation stress away. And when we say all, we mean from A to Z. Here’s how.

1. Getting your documents together

You know what document you need, but do you know where to order it from? What about which version is right? For example, if you need a birth certificate attested, you may not be aware that the long form can save you a lot of headache down the road. In fact, most times the short version won’t even be accepted. Moreover, often there are documents you need along with the basic ones that you may not even be aware of. For example, if you need a divorce certificate attested to clear you for a marriage abroad, it may be a good idea to include your marriage certificate to that person as well. There are many examples like these where people often have to repeat the process simply because they forgot to include a document the first time around.

When you go through us, we know what the end goal is because we’ve done the job plenty of times. We’ll know not just how to efficiently complete attestation of the document of your interest, but will also advise on everything else you may need.

2. We take care of all of the applications and travel

Did you know that the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and most embassy offices are located in Ottawa? That’s why our head office is also situated in the heart of Ottawa, just minutes away from all of these key points that you’ll need to touch. If you aren’t in Ottawa, that doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Traveling to Ottawa for the purpose of attestation of your documents isn’t a great use of your time. But it is a very good use of ours! Once you transfer all of your required documents to us, we’ll fill out the necessary applications and submit everything on your behalf. They will first go to Global Affairs Canada for authentication and then to the appropriate embassy for legalization. No matter how many times these offices need to be visited for your paperwork, we’ll make the necessary trips.

3. Document transfers and mailing

Once all of your documents are fully authenticated and legalized, we package them up and courier them to your requested address. In many instances, this means that you don’t even have to worry about mailing in the documents to their final destination. Our mails are sent through secured channels so that you can track them until they reach their destination.

Moreover, there are perks to using LSC as your service provider that you wouldn’t enjoy otherwise. For example, did you also know that now it takes 10 business day or more for GAC  to complete your authentication? We can help expedite this process as long as you have proof of your deadline!

Still not sure what to do? Don’t fret, we know that the process can appear complicated. We are always here to help you with your attestation needs. If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll go over more details. At LSC Canada, we are happy to help you with your attestation needs at every step of the way. Even if that means just having a reassuring and informative conversation!

Attestation of Birth Certificate for UAE

Thinking of settling in the UAE? You aren’t alone! Whether you are a native returning to the land or pursuing a career or employment there, many individuals and families decide to call the UAE their home every year. There is a process to obtain a residency status, and you will need certain documentation to apply for it. You will need to add each member of your family to the residency status, as well. For your children born in Canada, birth certificates along with copies of their passport will need to be provided. Read on to learn about the process of preparing a Canadian birth certificate for use in UAE!

How do you obtain a Canadian birth certificate?

Whether you are in the country at the time or not, Canadian birth certificates are easy to obtain. Make sure you fill in the online application requests for either the short or long form. For the purpose of your UAE residency visa, it is best to order the long form. This one will contain more detail than the short certificate. Information such as place of birth and the names of both parents, along with details of the child are included in this form. Contrarily, the short form certificate only includes the child’s full name and place of birth.

Preparing a birth certificate for use in UAE

The Canadian government itself issues birth certificates. However, you can’t include it in your UAE residency application as is. In order to make the document valid, it must undergo attestation, known as authentication and legalization in Canada. While the two terms are different, the process of attestation and authentication/legalization are identical. Other parts of the world also call it ‘apostille’. After you complete the 2 steps listed below, your birth certificate for UAE will be ready.

How do you have your Canadian birth certificate attested?

The first step is authentication. You need to submit your document to Global Affairs Canada (GAC) along with an application form. GAC is the only government body in Canada that is responsible for authentication of all Canadian documents. Their head office is located in Ottawa and their task is to review the signatures and stamps on the document to ensure that they are valid. Along with this, they also ensure that any document provided to them contains the information and structure necessary to qualify for authentication.

Once the forms are submitted to GAC, it can take 10 days or more for your documents to be authenticated. But an attestation professional can significantly reduce this wait time. For example, Legalization Service Centre can have your documents authenticated within a few business days at GAC. All you need to do is provide a letter or a document proving the urgency of your business. This is because we have a strong network and years of experience with authentication. This can also lead you to save money on the process, as any corrections to the process after you submit your form will require additional fees.

The Final Step: Legalization

After authenticated, you must submit the document(s) to the UAE embassy for legalization. Legalization involves the embassy conducting their own review to ensure that the document meets their country’s standard and that it contains a valid GAC stamp.  Most embassies are located in Ottawa, in close proximity to the GAC office as well as the physical location of Legalization Service Centre. While legalization is not difficult to obtain, it can be a challenge if you are trying to complete it from somewhere outside of Ottawa. Since our office is intentionally close to both, it makes it easy for us to complete the submissions and conduct follow-ups until the entire attestation process is complete.

At Legalization Service Centre, we understand how tedious paperwork can be. Moving from one country to another is not an easy task. Obtaining residency and settling in the UAE may be exciting, but there is a lot of work to be done. Having your documents authenticated is just a hurdle in the process which can be even more difficult due to distance. Give us a call if you need more information or would like to have us take care of this important part of your paperwork. We are always happy to chat, even if it is only to share more information!


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Legalization of Power of Attorney for Russia

As we hit June and approach the middle of 2021, the global COVID-19 pandemic hits its 1.5 year mark. We are patiently waiting as the population of the entire world slowly receives vaccination so that our world can go back to normal. You may have faced the reality that you can’t put off many priorities for later. If you have ties to Russia, travel for any reason may be out of question at the moment. The risks and travel restrictions have made conducting business and affairs quite difficult. But as the old adage goes, “where there is a will, there is a way!” If you are poised to conduct important affairs that cannot wait, you need to complete an attestation of a power of attorney for Russia.

What is a Power of Attorney?

If you are reading this article, you probably have a very good idea as to what a POA is and why you need one. But to summarize, a Power of Attorney (POA) is a document that assigns someone else with legal decision-making authority on your behalf. The person you assign with this responsibility is known as your “attorney”. Acting in your best interest, your attorney may make important decisions regarding your property, finances, or even medical care. While anyone of your choosing can be your attorney, some limitations exist. These are as follows:

  • The attorney must be of legal age and mental capacity to carry on the duties outlined in the POA.
  • The attorney must not be your child or a person you treat as your child.

Forms for POAs are readily accessible online. Alternatively, you can speak to a legal advisor to prepare one that is unique and specific for your needs. If the matter is particularly sensitive, it may be wise to consult with an advisor regarding any conditions and limitations you may want to include.

Should you use a POA?

Whether or not to use a POA is a very personal decision. Entrusted to the right person, POAs can be very handy tools to bring a means to an end. For example, if you simply cannot be present in Russia for important financial or property matters that absolutely cannot wait, then a POA may be your only option. However, remember that you are sharing a big responsibility with someone else. In many ways, providing a POA can make you and your business/assets vulnerable. For this reason, it is very important to choose someone you trust. You must be confident that the attorney you chose will act responsibly and intelligently in your best interest.

What’s next when it comes to authentication and legalization of Power of Attorney for Russia?

Before you can use a power of attorney outside of Canada, you need to take it through attestation. Since you are in Canada, make sure you notarize it with a Canadian notary before that. You may have heard of “authentication and legalization” before. In fact, this is the exact same process as attestation. They are essentially comparable, globally and locally, so do not worry about the differences in phrasing!

Legalization of Power of Attorney for Russia: Step 1

Once you notarize your POA for use in Russia, you will need to submit it to Global Affairs Canada (GAC) located in Ottawa. GAC conducts authentication for all formal documents undergoing the process. If you submit the document personally, it typical takes 20 business days for your document to be authenticated. Contrarily, using an attestation expert such as Legalization Service Centre (LSC) can help reduce this time. This is due to our years of experience in the business and extensive network within GAC. Once GAC is satisfied that your POA meets all the standards and validity tests, they will place a large red stamp to indicate that your document has been authenticated.

Legalization of Power of Attorney for Russia: Step 2

Following authentication, your document will need to be submitted to the Russian Embassy for legalization. During this step, the embassy will conduct their own review of the POA to ensure that the GAC stamp is valid. They will also ensure that the power of attorney meant for Russia meets their specific standards for use in Russia and if satisfied, they will attach a certificate or stamp to indicate that the POA has been legalized.

One note for consideration here is that the regulations and requirements at embassies change regularly. The standards and measures of acceptability from earlier this year may no longer apply now. It is can be difficult to keep up with ongoing changes if you aren’t familiar with the process. However, expert attestation professionals usually have the most current embassy information and can guide you accordingly. At Legalization Service Centre, our active work and close physical proximity to most embassies results in the most accurate and current information. Having these at your fingertips can save you tons of time, money, and hassle.

Legalization Service Centre and Power of Attorney for Russia

 At Legalization Service Centre, we have been dealing with POAs for Russia long before the pandemic sprung. With an A++ ranking at the Better Business Bureau and a 5 star customer rating on Google, LSC boasts a reputable customer service and excellence in practice. And with the current struggles and circumstances, we realize the need for community and actively work to do our part. Trusting us with your POA attestation means ensuring that job gets done from A to Z with smoothness and efficiency. Whether you are just starting the thought process or are ready to start authentication, give us a call! We are happy to chat and answer any questions.

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Degree Attestation for Spain: Transcripts & Diplomas

Spain has a rich culture and landscape, so it is no wonder that thousands of tourists flock there every year. Whether you love the seafood paella, the vibrant atmosphere, or friendly locals, there is plenty to see and do. But it appears that the country has more to offer potential students than these qualities alone. It’s one of the most popular study destinations because of its rich foundations in academia. It’s also one of the most affordable European study destinations. Many masters and graduate level studies cost around 4,000 Euros per academic year. And lots of programs cost as little as 100 or 200 Euros! Now that you’re ready to go, you may be wondering what comes next. Read on to find out about degree attestation for Spain.

What documents do you need for Spanish degree attestation?

It’s common for institutions and application services to request document such as ID, transcripts, degree certificates and references. Furthermore, you may need to supply bank and funding details. This is to ensure that you have the means to enrol and complete the program. As an international student, you must process all the documents correctly. Most will likely originate from Canada, so to ensure they are valid in Spain, you must undertake attestation a.k.a. document authentication and legalization.

How do you conduct degree attestation for Spain?

Authentication is the first step of attestation and is completed by a government body recognized as Global Affairs Canada (GAC). GAC is located in Ottawa and typically requires 20 business days to review your documents for authentication. However, with the help of Legalization Service Centre, your documents can be processed in as little as two business days. We have established a network within GAC and refined a systematic process that allows us to work with this speed. With our experience, you can depend on your degree attestation for Spain being processed without any errors or omissions.

Legalization: The second step of degree attestation for Spain

GAC will place a large red stamp to indicate its approval to signify authentication. Congratulations! Your documents are now ready for step two of the process. This step, known legalization, requires for you to submit your documents to the Spanish Embassy. The embassy will review the newly placed stamp to ensure it’s authentic and true. They will also review your documents so that they meet specific standards and requirements. For degree attestation, they are ensuring your degrees are from a recognized Canadian institutions. They too will place a stamp or certificate to your documents to indicate full legalization.

How can we help? 

Attestation can be a difficult process for several reasons. The physical location of the embassy can make it difficult to access for many. This means that even if you submit your documents, it can be difficult to track them for progress and make any necessary changes. We at LSC Canada can help solve these problems for you! We keep up-to-date information on current legalization requirements, and our office is located near most embassies in Ottawa. This alone can be a relief from contacting multiple agents within the same embassy to track updates.

What do you do after degree attestation for Spain?

If you choose Legalization Service Centre, following attestation, we prepare a package of your documents and have it shipped to your desired final destination. This can mean that they go directly to your chosen institution(s) from our office in Ottawa! With this level of service, all you have to do is get in touch with one of our agents and submit your documents to be authenticated. Everything from attestation to delivery becomes our responsibility!

Not sure if you are ready to start, but have questions? Get in touch with us via WhatsApp! We are happy to answer any questions or consult over the phone, no commitment required.


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Power of Attorney Attestation for the Philippines

With crystal blue beaches, balmy weather, and amicable hospitality, the Philippines has garnered a lot of tourist attention. But more importantly, the likes of these qualities has made the collection of islands a booming centre for outsourced businesses. Whether you are a native or a foreigner, there are many reasons to keep visiting! However, recent restrictions due to the pandemic has made travel to the Philippines something of a nuisance. For one thing, the local government there has taken strict lockdown and international border control measures to limit the pandemic. Moreover, Canadian restrictions on travel and quarantining requirements don’t make matters easier. However, some business, property, or financial affairs must be fulfilled regardless. How exactly do you go about fulfilling your obligations? Simple: through a Philippine Power of Attorney (POA).

What is a POA?

Through a Power of Attorney (POA,) you can assign a trusted adult in the Philippines to carry on your responsibilities. This person can make important financial, property, or business decisions on your behalf. Since many transactions can require your legal consent or signature, assigning someone with a power of attorney allows that person to sign on your behalf. POA’s have been a blessing and a boon during this difficult pandemic. If you’ve decided to follow this route, there are a few key steps you must complete in Canada for your POA to be valid in the Philippines.

Decide who to assign as your attorney

A Power of Attorney is a powerful tool. In the right hands, this tool will allow you to carry on your affairs that would otherwise be difficult to conduct. Choosing the right capable adult is a personal decision since only you know best who to assign with important responsibilities. However, when making the decision, keep in mind that this person cannot be your spouse, child, or anyone you would treat as your child. Your chosen attorney must also be someone who is over the age of 18 and is mentality capable of carrying the functions required of them. But most importantly, this person must be someone you can trust very much.

Philippines Power of Attorney: Notarization and Signing 

There are different ways to create a Power of Attorney and different wording/formatting for varying purposes. Depending on what your purpose is (financial, property, or medical), you will have to choose the correct pre-made form from an online source or have a lawyer draft a POA uniquely for you. Regardless of whether you choose a form or have the document drafted, you must notarize and sign the completed document. Traditionally, you must sign the document in front of a lawyer or notary public, along with two witnesses. Due to social distancing practices currently, there are options for completing this step via video-conferences. You should research services online to find a suitable match in your province.

Philippines Power of Attorney: Attestation

Step 1. Authentication of Philippines Power of Attorney

Once you have signed your POA (also known as “swearing”), it must undergo authentication and legalization. In order to complete authentication, the document must be submitted to Global Affairs Canada (GAC) located in Ottawa. Here, your document will spend roughly 20 days to complete the process of authentication. During this step, GAC will review your POA for the validity of the signatures on the document along with format and other requirements. Once they are satisfied with the trueness of the document, they will affix a large red stamp signifying that the Philippines power of attorney has been authenticated.

While anyone can submit documents to GAC for authentication, going about this by yourself can make the process unnecessarily lengthy and expensive. Each revision at GAC requires additional fees for corrections and adds more time to completion. Comparatively, choosing an expert authentication representative such as Legalization Service Centre can cut down your wait time significantly. Due to our networks with GAC, we can have your documents authenticated in as little as one business day.

Step 2. Legalization of Philippines Power of Attorney

Following authentication, your document will need to be submitted to the Philippine Embassy in Ottawa. Similar to GAC, the embassy will also conduct a check on the document to verify that it meets its standards for use. They will also ensure that the GAC seal is authentic. They will place a stamp of legalization on your POA, once satisfied. This step confers the attestation of your Philippines power of attorney!

Similar to our network with GAC, at Legalization Service Centre, we have networks and up-to-date information on all of the embassies located in Ottawa. Since the requirements at the embassies can change frequently, this means that we always have correct and relevant information on hand. This is an important factor in ensuring that your POA is processed properly and on time.

How can we help?

With your POA notarized, signed, and attested, your document is now good to work for you as you need it to! During this difficult time in the history of the world, we understand how frustrating it can be to simply accomplish our important day-to-day business transactions and activities. At Legalization Service Centre, we are here to stand by you in any of your legalization service needs. Paperwork can be tedious and especially frustrating now. However, it is what we do best and hope to take care of on your behalf. Feel free to call us for any of your document attestation needs. We are happy to talk, even if you aren’t quite ready to get started yet.


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Israeli flag

Attestation of a Power of Attorney for Israel

One of the greatest hurdles of this pandemic has been the limitations placed on international travel. Travel outside of Canada has been challenging, and this difficulty applies to travel to Israel as well. This has caused a great deal of concern for many. For one thing, those with businesses or legal/financial matters in Israel have found it difficult to carry on their duties from afar. But what do you do for matters that cannot wait for your presence there? One optimal solution may be to sign an Israel Power of Attorney.

A Power of Attorney (POA) during these difficult times can be a game changing tool. Through a POA, you can assign a trusted and capable adult over the age of 18 to carry on legal matters regarding your finances or property in Israel. Acting on your best interest, this “attorney” would be able to make decisions on your behalf, sign legal documents, and perform other tasks as you prescribe. So now that you’ve decided to authorize an individual as your attorney, what do you do next?

Step 1: Draft the Israel Power of Attorney

Since this is a legally binding document offering significant control to another person on your personal matters or property, it’s important to draft this document carefully. You may wish to consult a legal professional and have them draft out your POA. Alternatively, there are pre-made forms that you can fill out for the type of POA of relevance to you. These forms are readily available on different websites and platforms online.

Step 2: Notarization and Witnessed Signing 

Because of the sensitive nature of an Israel Power of Attorney, it is important that other people are witness to you granting power to your attorney. For this reason, you will need to sign your document (also known as “swearing it”) in the presence of two witnesses and a notary public. Usually this step would happen in a notary public’s office, however, due to the pandemic, many of these institutions are providing this service via video conference calls online. Check your province for available services that will allow you to do this. Otherwise, see if you can safely visit a local legal advisory or notary public to complete the witnessed signing.

Keep in mind, your witnesses must not be a spouse, child, or anyone you consider as a child. They must be over the age of 18 and must be capable of understanding the gravity of the document.

Step 3: Contact Legalization Service Centre for Authentication and Legalization

Since your Power of Attorney will be used in Israel, it is necessary to have the document authenticated and legalized. Otherwise, your POA will not be valid in Israel. While you may complete these processes on your own, this approach can prove to be time and money-consuming. For one thing, authentication happens at Global Affairs Canada, whose office is located in Ottawa. From the time of submission, it may take up to 20 days for GAC to review and authenticate your document. Alternatively, when we process and submit to them, your documents can be authenticated within one business day. Since we are an established service provider and have been in practice for many years, our networks within GAC allow us to bypass the wait-time. Moreover, forms submitted by us are skillfully reviewed to omit errors and omissions which could otherwise make your process longer and more expensive.

At Legalization Service Centre, our agents also keep track of changes and requirement updates at individual embassies. This means that we always have the most current and accurate information regarding the Israel embassy’s legalization process for POAs.

Step 4: Send your Israel Power of Attorney to its Final Destination

Once your document has been properly prepared, authenticated, and legalized, it is now ready to be sent to your chosen attorney so they may act on your behalf! When you choose Legalization Service Centre to complete your document authentication and legalization, we ensure that your final document reaches safely to its destination. All you do is provide the correct address for delivery.


At Legalization Service Centre, we understand the challenges faced by all Canadians during these testing times. We know how frustrating it must be to not be able to be present in Israel for important work. While many of these challenges are beyond our scope, we do hope to help where we can. Call us today with any questions you may have, even if you aren’t quite ready to start the process yet. We are happy to chat and are always at your attestation service!


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Attestation of Power of Attorney for Spain

If you have property or a business in Spain, a Power of Attorney (POA) can be a great way to delegate responsibility. By means of a POA, your chosen attorney can perform certain actions and make decisions on your behalf. It’s particularly useful at times when it is difficult to travel from Canada to Spain to carry out your responsibilities. There are certain steps that you must take before a POA originating in Canada can be valid in Spain. Below are some things to do in order to prepare and attest your POA.

Draft the Power of Attorney

There are several types of Power of Attorneys that you could draft. Such as: a General POA, Special, Limited, Springing General, or Durable POA. With these, you can grant a trusted person with decision making rights regarding property, finances or medical care. You will need to fill out an appropriate form or draft a document with the aid of a legal advisor. Take sufficient time to determine the precise terms and conditions of the contract.

Swear your Power of Attorney

Two other adult witnesses and a notary public need to witness you signing your document. Any impartial and capable adult over the age of 18 can be your witness. Granted, they are not your spouse, child, or your attorney! In-person gatherings, however, are restricted for the better portion of 2021. There are paid online services where notary and witnessed signing can be completed as such. You should check with current provincial physical distancing measures and witnessing protocols in place to complete this step.

Have your POA Authenticated

After you sign and notarize your POA, you need to authenticate and legalize it. In order to complete the first of these two steps, your document will need to be submitted to Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in Ottawa. Completion of this step can be lengthy, often requiring over 20 business days to finish. Moreover, corrections to the authentication process can be expensive and further lengthen the process. To avoid process delays and additional charges, you can use a professional authentication and legalization service provider such as Legalization Service Centre located in Ottawa. You can contact LSC from anywhere in Canada, and we can properly guide you through the entire attestation process. Through our established network in GAC, we’re able to authenticate your document in as little as one business day.

Legalization at the Embassy of Spain in Canada

Following authentication, your POA and related documents will need to be legalized at the Spanish Embassy, conveniently located in both Ottawa and Toronto. The embassy will review your POA for GAC’s seal, and any standards needed for use in Spain. The guidelines at the embassy change regularly without notice and Legalization Service Centre keeps track of these changes to make the process of legalization smooth and hassle free. When you attest through us, we ensure that your document meets all of the necessary requirements before it even reaches the embassy.

Need Help?

Once the above steps are completed, your POA is good to use in Spain! However at Legalization Service Centre, we understand that preparing your POA can be a tedious task. We understand the caution and sensitivity of the matter and can help you complete the process of document preparation and attestation as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to help you move on to your next order of business as quickly and efficiently as you can!




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