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Congratulations! Immigrating to Mexico is an exciting adventure. While it’s easy to be swept away in the thrill of changing your life so completely, there are some extremely important things to keep in mind when it comes to ensuring your documentation is in tip top shape. Luckily, the documentation needed for use to Mexico isn’t too overwhelming, which means you can focus on all the other considerations of making such a major life change.

Apostille of Documents

We know your move is probably on a tight deadline, which is why we make it a priority to help our clients Apostille their documents in a timely manner. The Legalization Service Centre can typically Apostille most documents in two-three business days if expedited. With that being said, it’s important to remember that any major move that deals with another government’s laws and regulations will have its own set of nuances. We’ve helped many Canadians with their move to Mexico—if you are unsure what steps need to be taken, or just want someone to talk you through the process, our experts at the Legalization Service Centre are here to help!

The Mexican immigration authorities will ask you to Apostille your Canadian documents. This is a required step to consider foreign documents to be legal and useable in Mexico. Canada joined Apostille Convention in January of 2024 which makes it now easier to het Canadian documents processed for use in Mexico.

What you will need

Apostille of documents requirements are changing all the time, but the set of main documents you will certainly need are your birth certificate, criminal record check certificate, marriage certificate, visa application and passport. Because permanent residence in Mexico has different requirements based on the type of residency in which you are applying for (income producing, retired, etc.) it is best to contact the Mexican immigration authorities to get the most up to date and relevant information for your specific situation.

In Canada, we are here to assist you with the Apostille process for your Canadian documents so that they can be legally accepted in Mexico. We have helped thousands of Canadians to get their documents Apostilled for use in Mexico. Please do contact Legalization Service Centre for more information and assistance.

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