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As one of the fastest developing countries in the Middle East, Qatar is one of the top destinations for skilled workers from around the world. Over the last two decades, Qatar has grown their skilled labor force tremendously because of their strict immigration policies, allowing only the best foreign talents to help shape its future.

Of the many countries that Qatar seeks new workers from, Canada tops the list because it is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world with an emphasis on fields like engineering and education that are in high demand in Qatar. Because the relationship between Qatar and Canada has grown over the last several decades, there is quite a bit of paperwork shared back and forth.

Before your Canadian documents such as Canadian Degrees, Birth Certificate, Powers of Attorney, Transcripts, etc. can be accepted in Qatar, they must go through a rigorous validation process. In Qatar, this process is known as attestation although in other countries you might know the process as apostille.

In Canada specifically, the process is referred to as authentication or legalization because the country did not sign The Hague Apostille Convention.

Additional Materials You’ll Need

Because Qatar is such a sought-after working destination, those that wish to secure their employment in the country will have to go through a few extra steps and provide additional documents compared to other countries’ laws. In addition to the ordinary frees, payments, and original degrees or diplomas and transcripts from the university, people going through the attestation process will need to contact their university and request additional materials sent directly to the embassy in Qatar.

Without obtaining these additional required documents, you won’t be able to complete the attestation process in Qatar. Before getting started, we recommend that you know all of the dimensions of your degree to ensure that the shipping and delivery process goes smoothly.

The Qatar embassy in Canada will only accept original degrees and documents which can be challenging if your original prints are large and delicate as they could be damaged during the legalization process for Qatar.

Attestation Occurs in Two Places

First, you will need to have all of your relevant documents authenticated at Global Affairs Canada. After you complete that stage, you can then have your documents legalized at the Qatar Embassy in Canada.

The first stage ensures that your documents are legitimate in which you will receive a stamp of approval that the Embassy of Qatar will then recognize as it attests (legalizes) them to give you final approval before entering the country.

We’re Here to Help

When traveling to work in a different country on the other side of the world, jumping through hoops and dealing with the various governmental agencies can become confusing and stressful. If you ever need assistance with your documents or have any general questions regarding this process you can contact the Legalization Service Centre, and we’ll help save you weeks of processing time and make the process easy as we will get your documents authenticated by the Global Affairs Canada and get them attested by the Qatar Embassy in Canada.  

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