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Globalization may have made international connections easier, but tracking a legal marriage between nations can still be a challenge. Due to accounts of marriage fraud reported over the years, countries take international marriage pursuits very seriously. Turkey is no exception to this and requires its citizens to obtain proof of singlehood from their prospective suitors. What does this mean to you? It means you will need to provide a Single Status Affidavit to the government of Turkey before you can marry.

How do you obtain the affidavit?

At the very least, a Single Status Affidavit contains your name, citizenship, marital status, and the name and citizenship of your future spouse. You may choose to include your address, contact information, and referential contacts in your home/country of residence. If you have been previously married and divorced, you should provide a certificate of divorce as a supporting document. Once drafted, you will need to attest and notarize this affidavit in front of a Canadian notary public. Notarizing is fairly simple and can happen with a quick appointment in person or even online.

Single Status Affidavit Authentication

After notarizing your affidavit to make it an official binding document, the next step is attestation. This is an important step in making sure your document will be valid in Turkey.. Attestation has another name in Canada: authentication and legalization. Even through the two-step process can sound a little daunting, your local legalization professional can make this process as smooth as possible and save you mistakes and time.

In order to authenticate your affidavit, you need to get your provincial or federal document services office to validate it. Here, the office will review the signatures to ensure they belong to a body of professionals authorized to provide these signatures. Depending on how busy the document service office is, authentication can take as little as 15 minutes to a few hours. Since this is a government office, you will have to visit during business hours to complete authentication.

Single Status Affidavit Legalization

Once you receive a red seal from the document services office as proof of authenticity, your affidavit will need to visit the Turkish Consulate General in Toronto or Ottawa for Legalization. Here, the consulate will review the affidavit to ensure it meets criteria for use in Turkey. Along with this, they will also review the stamp made for authentication to ensure its validity. Once they are satisfied, they too will stamp your document or attach a certificate to indicate the completion of legalization.

And there you have it! With your affidavit authenticated and legalized, you can begin your milestone journey to a marriage in Turkey with confidence. The biggest fear and uncertainty in marrying a Canadian citizen removed from the minds of the Turkish government and your soon-to-be spouse.

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It can be difficult to keep track of all the demands of the Mexican Embassy as a client! We understand more than anyone, especially if this is your first time having to authenticate and legalize your documents. Our experts at Legalization Service Centre Canada (LSC Canada) have more than 10 years of experience with document authentication and legalization of Canadian documents, so we’re always working tirelessly to ensure the easiest process for you. Our client’s 5 star reviews will assure you of our quality, reliable and fast service, and our solid interpersonal relations with each embassies and consulates in Ottawa and Canada will provide you further confidence.


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